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Todd Akin arrested at least 8 times at abortion clinic protests

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    So Todd Akin, the Republican candidate for Missouri Senate, has been arrested at least 8 times during the 1980's for protesting at abortion clinics. It has been known for months that he was arrested 4 times. But, just recently the Huffington Post got wind of information that showed he was actually arrested a total of 8 times, at least.

    Todd Akin's bad rap got started early in his campaign a few months back, when he was asked in a TV interview in late August about the odds of a woman becoming pregnant from rape. "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down," he said.

    What??!!? That's beyond ridiculous. I seriously hope no one believes that. And, I find it hard to really believe that even Akin truly believes that. But, I guess he really is that ignorant. Sad. His arrests are just further proof on the lengths that he will go to champion his extreme abortion views.
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    Very interesting article. Would you have any more details, please? What was he arrested for? I do not think anyone can be arrested simply for expressing their distaste for abortion, or for abortion doctors. He would have had to do something pretty radical: )