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The Florida mess

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    In Florida it is a huge mess in the elections fully caused by the Republicans. On Purpose Rick Scott has made sure the ballot is more than 8 long sheets of paper; it looks more like a lawyers divorce document. Full with all kinds of Republican amendments including abortion, given churches money etc. It is a filthy piece of paper. Most minorities cannot even read this document because it is written such way that even the most educated people ask what is meant and what is the objective. The sole purpose of this is to confuse the minorities and to make sure the voting lines are so long because of it, so that less minorities will vote. Also this filthy Scott guy stopped voting on Sunday while asked for to open the polling stations, because of the long lines.( 4 hours waiting !!)

    This basterd Republican (Scott) should be removed from office as soon as if possible; people who do this are not Americans, but plain bullies.
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    I agree. Rick Scott is one of the most despicable governors in the country. They know they cannot win legitimately so they have to resort to dirty tricks to suppress the votes of minorities. He doesn't give a damn about democracy. Scott is just another surrogate for the plutocrats (he himself is a venture capitalist like Romney) that believe they only have the right to rule. It's insane. However, Florida voters nevertheless voted in Rick Scott and they have to live with his rein. Florida law doesn't have any provision for recall short of criminal activity.

    I read more about Rick Scott and his venture capitalist past in Wikipedia. Wow. Rick Scott is rich. He also spent $78 million of his own money to buy the Florida governorship in 2010 beating the Democratic nominee by just 61,550 votes or one percent (2,619,335 vs 2,557,785). So Rick Scott knows all about slim voting margins in Florida, and if he and his Republican cronies can suppress just 1 percent of the vote, it probably will make all the difference, as it did for him.
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    Looks like Florida is going to completely make or break Romney. So far, with 88% of the vote in, Obama is up a mere 15 thousand votes or so. Its going to be very, very close.

    Think this will stretch out over several days, given this states annoying voting history?
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    FLA is incredibly close. The numbers out of Dade county are very good.
    CNN just gave California, Hawaii, and Washington to Pres. Obama.
    Romney has just won North Carolina. 238 Obama 191 Romney
    Obama is leading in Ohio and Iowa.
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    Is there a link to this novel of a ballot? I'd love to look at it.