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Is Michael Smerconish a 'true' independent ?

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    Ambler, PA
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    Truly one of a kind; very eloquent; extremely well spoken...hands down the most articulate when it comes to many let alone 'talk show hosts'. Nonetheless, Mr. Smerconish perpetually proclaims to his audience he doesn't favor one particular party, and allows for an open bipartisan dialogue on his program. Despite my well-rounded respect for Michael it is quite exasperating to hear the complete opposite.

    Recently, he interviewed the Pres. Great Q & A; great display of professionalism and respect. Seemingly, that comes natural with him. As a Republican,
    however, it begs me to ask, "When is the interview with Romney ?" The election is mere days away.

    You simply cannot maintain your position as an independent while you perennially boast the ego of Obama.

    Bush racked up 5-6 Trillion in 8 years. He had 2 wars with the consent of the house and senate (both parties); Katrina, and 911. Let's
    see how far we climb after Sandy is finally cleaned up.

    Obama coming in at an impressive 5.5 Trillion with... ?? Within..?? That's 3.5 years of spending
    and does anyone recall the auto stimulus where engines were purposely destroyed so consumers would be inclined to buy new ? I wasn't a fan of Bush the last 3-4 years of his pres. He was an embarrassment although he had a monsterload on his mind. I'd bet some of his pres releases were prepared for with a shot or two of Jack based on his aloof performance.

    Instead of 'pretending' to be a moderate...

    You know what's hitting the country the hardest ? Illegal Immigration !! A problem neither ignorant party chooses to admit for it may denote one less vote. 20 million and rapidly climbing with babies to boot. This dilemma has caused more expenditure than any other issue. Health care, food stamps, Gov't subsidies..don't forget schooling... allll freeeee !!!!! All a burden on our economy.

    Mandate that all business owners purchase visa's for each immigrant, then tax each immigrant and omit the social security tax. Now that they've procurred a visa they may travel to and from. Less violence. Less risk. Leave your family home in Mexico. Guess how much revenue that would generate?



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    Durham, NH
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    The only real danger to our society is conservative, right-wing, religious ideologues. The debt is meaningless, 7.9% unemployment means 92.1% employment! Undocumented aliens pose no danger to our society - they mostly pay taxes and get nothing back in return, they work long hours at low paying jobs no one else wants - so what are you really trying to tell us????
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    Mitt Romney has made a decision to not grant any more interviews.

    Politico: No more Romney interviews?

    The Romney campaign is not committing to granting any network interviews in the final two weeks of the campaign.

    He doesn't want to make another gaff. He is relying on appearances with rehearsed scripts and TV ads of misinformation and the outsourcing of Jeep manufacturing to China. If he grants an interview, he will undoubtedly have to answer for his lies.
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    I don't know anything about this guy except that I just saw him briefly on cnn and in the space of about three minutes he repeated the mispronunciation "interventionalist" five times. I don't tune in to cnn very often but ive seen it enough to know it dumbs down most of its coverage of events for the dumbed down American public.
    is smerconish pulling a george bush down homey sounding mispronunciation as a calculated tactic or is he really that illiterate?
    I expect more from professional journalists.
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    Philadelphia, PA
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    I have met and spoken with Mike Smerconish on several occasions mostly dealing with wesley cook's legal circus, and also of course, with Maureen Faulkner, the window of the slain police officer, I found him to be quite personable and knowledgeable about the subject at hand, I never knew of his political affiliations, Republican or Democrat or Independent , I have read his newspaper column on occasion , I have read where he does question the President's policies in many of his articles and yes praised the President on other occasion's regarding policy decisions, if he is a member of the GOP , he is definitely not in lock step with their policy, same as with the Dem's, not marching to the Party's beat, I believe him to be an Independent.