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Sununu's statement

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    Until now race was a "hidden" subject until Sununu opened his mouth. Colin Powell (according to Sununu) only endorsed Obama because of being the same race.
    Also in the news it was mentioned that mostly white males would vote for Romney not because of other things but only to get Obama out because of race.
    Even the Clu Clux Clan ( spelling?) sticks up its ugly head right now again. What is wrong with this country? If the Republicans are run by the church (and now possible Mormons), then they should know that all people were created by "God" and should have the same rights and possibilities. If we fall back to the Roman times where "colored" people were used as Gladiators or thrown into fights with lions etc. compare this to nowadays; we allow them only to become hero's in basketball, football, baseball etc.
    Is that any different than the Romans did?
    In other words according to the Republicans a "colored" Ceasar should not be allowed.