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Does anyone truly understand the issues overseas and foreign policies?

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    I want to educate Americans here. Many people get all their knowledge from the media. But there are many issues that are not covered in the media. Many have hatred, without knowing the truth.
    I am an American, and was living in Tunisia from 2010 to January 2012. I was not a tourist. I lived in the community, have a Tunisian husband, and Tunisian born son. I was there during the Tunisian revolution, Arab uprisings, Libyan war, and also when Hillary Clinton was visiting the American Embassy in Tunisia. I learned so much and my views have changed dramatically. I want to spread my knowledge and educate all Americans here. The people and the government should know the truth.

    What I have to say is important to the foreign affairs, the government, and the general population.

    Please, if anyone has a question or comment. Would love it! Will answer all questions with an open mind and without judgment.

    It takes some teaching and spreading knowledge, to change some of what is going on around the world and here on American soil.
    Am also working on a book to be published soon.
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    I wasn't aware of the revolution. I know of a company with a factory in Sidi Bou Ali, (Near Sousse) Tunisia. How long did the revolution last ? Was anything accomplished ?
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    Dear Tevyes, How could Americans understand what's going on overseas in our names when the vast majority don't even understand what's going on here at home ?
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    I know that most Americans don't understand whats happening here. Thats why I am asking this question. I am seeing so much hatred here on American soil. These are the same people that are trying to fix the problems overseas. But there is so much that Americans can learn from these other countries. My outlook has changed very dramatically from my experiences. Thats why I really want to educate people here. I have a true love for people. I may be a very small fish in the sea, but I feel that every little bit may help even in a small way.