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Mike Huckabee and his vicious, vitriolic TV Program

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    Just watched the Mike Huckabee show October 21, 2012

    I am totally disgusted by this so-called religious minister, Mike Huckabee, as I hear him spew his vicious, venomous hate and ridicule toward our President and Vice President. Who does this man think he is? His lies and vindictiveness are definitely unbecoming, especially since he claims to be a man of the cloth.

    I would like to know what changed Huckabee's opinion of Mitt Romney, During the Rupublican primary of 2008, Huckabee's hate of Romney was common knowledge and his off-camera negative comments about Romney conveyed an overwhelming hatred of him. Huckabee openly chastised and criticized Romney and made no attempt to hide his dislike for him. What actually changed Huckabee's opinion? How much did Fox and the Republican party pay him to suddenly become so dedicated to Romney.

    I have heard that Huckabee has recently had a huge mansion built for him and his wife in Florida. So much for the poor, God-loving preacher; a true charlatan, a snake-oil salesman posing as a man of the cloth, preaching the word of God; a total hypocrite. Huckabee is another Judas that got his thirty pieces of silver.
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    If there is a place called Hell this turd will be first in line when they open the gate!