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GOP Plans for WAR with IRAN

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    Newt Gingrich & others are already saying (tonight) they WANT WAR WITH IRAN, and do not want any negotiations between Obama & the leader of Iran. Thanks to an educated man like Obama, he is going to meet with Iranian leaders to discuss the issue, in a rational way, rather than rushing headlong into WAR. (The usual GOP way)

    Just think of the consequences of A REAL WAR with IRAN. We could NEVER bring our Troops home, & some of them can't remember what their home looks like.

    Whatever our national debt is NOW, it will be tripled or quadrupled if we even begin a War with Iran. We spent ELEVEN YEARS in IRAQ, & that nation never even threatened us, or tried to attack us. (11 whole years). How LONG will it take to "defeat" IRAN? -- IRAN is at least 4 or 5 TIMES the size of Iraq, with much more population to fight us.

    While you are DECIDING WHO to VOTE FOR, keep in mind that GOP is using this Minute of Time, to TRY to START another ENDLESS WAR in IRAN. It is mainly thought by GOP
    that Iran is making nuclear material for a bomb (or missile strike). BUT IT COULD BE that they are merely trying to get Nuclear Energy like WE HAVE. They are a huge nation in its developmental stages, & they are trying for modernization, so they are not weak & helpless against all the other nations surrounding them. Yes, we have a few good reasons to fear their motives ---- but sometimes you should give people a chance to "prove their side." CASE IN POINT: "W" Bush insisted that Saddam Hussein was developing nuclear weapons of Mass
    Destruction, because (after all) he had "centrifuges" out in his fields. (At that time, I said that "it was probably for making fertilizer." And I was right).

    In 2003, about 2 weeks before "Shock & Awe" (the US bombing & invasion of IRAQ), DAN RATHER (CBS) had a televised interview with Saddam Hussein, inside his palace (Baghdad) and in that interview, Saddam Hussein told the world that he did NOT have any weapons of mass destruction, and considered himself an ally of the United States, & had no intention of starting a war. Poor old Saddam, he believed George "W" Bush to be rational & trustworthy. Since no previous leader of the USA had ever been so treacherous & underhanded as "W"
    who would violate all UN treaties & launch a pre-eminent strike, especially against a nation that had never threatened or attacked us. And a predominant motive for that unprecedented strike, was PNAC (conservative think tank) wanting to usurp world-wide resources of OIL. Greatly to profit (VP) Dick Cheney & Halliburton.

    Just think, if "W" would have listened to Dan Rather's interview, he would KNOW that there were NO "WMD" & thus, no reason to invade IRAQ. But that would not fit into the Bush Plan
    to create an opportunity to "loot" all the oil out of IRAQ, and set off Bush's "War on Terrorism" that HE SAID would involve 50 nations & last for 50 years. KEEP THOSE NUMBERS IN
    MIND. That means the Bush Agenda is not over, but is intended to last until 2051. And they intend to defeat Obama, since he would not go along with PNAC Agenda, of turning our
    America into a PIRATE nation, sucking all the lifeblood out of other nation's resources.

    Thank God we have a "sensible" man for President, since Obama is right now arranging talks & discussions with IRAN, so they can come to an agreeable solution. It is in the best interest for both nations to NOT WAGE WAR. (Just look at the consequences of the LAST 2 or 3 Wars we have had in the Middle East). Since I do not believe the Right Wing GOP
    would hesitate for one minute to attack IRAN (due to their paranoid attitudes) it is imperative we ELECT OBAMA & Avoid another War.