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Is Obama in a similar position as LBJ when it comes to civil liberties?

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    In 1964, LBJ had to push JFK's Civil Rights Act through a stubborn Senate. LBJ had to combat a political environment that did not want racial integration and used religious arguments to defend their stance. Today, Obama faces a similar situation with gay rights. Let's hope that Obama can continue to make strides in the right direction in his second term.

    Here is a good video. What it all the way through.
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    well it would be except for a couple of facts. To quote Johnson " I'll have those ni@@ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years" Lyndon Johnson to two governors aboard Air Force One. so yeah being racist is not selling me he truly cared for civil rights. not to mention if you take a look at the leading segregationists during the civil rights era, you can count the number of NON democrats on two hands, it would take both of yours as well as a few friends to tally up the number of democrat ones.

    here is a link to see for yourself:

    so unless obama is fighting for civil rights only because his side is losing votes but is actually part of a racist party ( well democrats were leading segregation and did start the kkk, and were in charge of the south during the civil war)and needs to change trains not because he cares but just to keep power, then yeah id say he is facing same issues as LBJ

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    Reading your recent posts makes me think that you are a negative person who may have come here to complain about one party. I hope that you find something positive to add. Have a good day.