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Al Smith Dinner, 2012

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    Did Ann Romney Snub President Obama?

    I've seen the video several times, I wonder if anyone else noticed. When Pres. Obama entered the 2012 Al
    Smith dinner, people stood, as is the custom. When s the president passed people on the stage, he graciously
    shook hands and greeted them. When pres. Obama was greeting the person next to Ann Romney, she stepped
    away and turned her back. To avoid attention, I suppose, Gov. Romney leaned past his wife's back and shook
    the president's hand.

    Is this another case of rude, disdainful condescension towards the president by the Romney clan?

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    I am most unimpressed by Ann Romney. She has been depicted as fighting a heroic battle against cancer, and now multiple sclerosis, but she has a narrow mindset, and is highly aggressive for "Mitt" and for her family. Yes, she was rude, and that is to her shame. They deserve a good clapdown, this goody twoshoes Romney clan.
    And who is there to ask the question: if Romney is guided by his faith, what does that do to the United States? Not much good, that is my opinion. And Romney took unfair advantage at the dinner, by referring to the common goal of Catholics and Mormons, or his belief, whatever, about family planning, abortion, etc., the pro life or not.
    Life that exists should not be sacrificed for life that is yet to be born into the world. And the health of the mother should not be endangered, unless she herself takes the risk. Laura Bush had twins, and she had toxemia, a dangerous complication of pregnancy. She was advised not to have any more children. I had a much more dangerous version of that same complication: fulminating preeclampsia, which was not stoppable by vigorous treatment, and could have led to my and the child's death. However, I survived, but when I got pregnant, my health being at risk was not considered enough to terminate the pregnancy. Instead, I got a staphyloccocus aerius infection, in my bloodstream, in my version of remedying a situation. Whether one approves or not, the mother's life comes first.
    Since I got into this women's issue, I must point out that it is also very frequently an economic or social issue. A woman living in poverty may be further terribly burdened by another child, if she has trouble housing and feeding and providing medical care for those she already has. Or, if she needs to go to work, having a child, or another one, may limit her ability to do that, or prevent it. Surprisingly the poor, and the lower midde class can't seem to afford nannies or housekeepers.
    So women like Ann Romney--I am sure a good mother, wife, good to her various communities--is not the right person to even have an inkling of the plight of others. Nor is Mary Matalin, the Rep spokeswoman, sitting so securely and passing judgment, in such a cold, and what she thinks of as reasonable way. She is blinkered, although I suspect that if she really understood things it would be different. Sometimes people blinker themselves deliberately, because they are well off, they don't want to rock the boat, or they don't care enough about those "who are reliant on the state for handouts, or entitlements."
    I notice that that Republican woman, the spokespeople, can be quite obnoxious. Ana Navarro, for instance, goes on and on in her penetrating voice, while Margaret Hoover, the pretty New England type young, untested by life, blitherely throws off remarks, as though this whole thing were a comedic event.
    And it can be said that the Media has turned it nto a Media main course, a Media comic event. None more guilty then CNN: a real disappointment to me.