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Chris Hayes got it right

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    Chris Hayes hit the nail on the head! Romney is an elitist, an aristocrat, and feels extremely priviledged as if the rules don't apply to him at all. As Chris noted, rule #5 strickly prohibits candidates from questioning each other, yet Romney violated that rule almost immediately -- on the "coal" issue and on the "China investments" issue. But, that's to be expected. Those guys have no idea what's happening here in the trenches of work-a-day society. Why, Paul Ryan just discovered where the food comes from in restaurants. He learned there is a KITCHEN! Wait until he meets Romney and delivers that discovery.
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    Romney is an elitiest, yet he called President Obama a "snob" during his Republican run for candidate, because the President spoke strongly for education. Yet it seems most people in his church have more than 12 years of education, in other words, higher education. (See: Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and the lifespan of Mormons.)
    Worst of all, Romney is a religious elitsty, too, something he doesn't talk about but which is evident from the status of his church, its secrecy, and so on.