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Presidential Debate Tonight 9 p.m.

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    It would be informative (especially for all us older adults) should the Moderator ask Obama to tell how he would save Social Security, then let Romney try to beat Obama at his own game. He Can't

    Then ask Obama how he would get ten million people back to work, and ask Romney the same question. He can't answer that one either, except maybe he can repeat what Obama has said.

    These two questions should separate the men from the boys and show up the Great Pretender for what he really is. Other questions we would like to hear include those of unregulated immigration, high cost of gasoline, how wealth is created and how average citizens could invest in and profit from the 'American Industrial Economy.

    If anyone knows how to contact Candy Crowley, please do so with these suggestions as I think it will allow us all to witness an unforgettable Debate that will really define the outcome of the upcoming election.


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    Excellent suggestion. Only problem is that they never get into this kind of detail which is what voters really want to hear.
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    What I would like to hear is how they plan to work with congress, to nominee Romney how does he plan to work with them, to President Obama how will he do it differently as he has been very ineffective up to date.
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    It's a sad fact that the candidates can say ANYTHING with little to no accountablity. I guess the only way to "judge" their comments is look at their past . Have they been consistent ? Have they acted to encourage or enforce the positions and promises of their campaigns?. We have some stability with Obama who has been constantly obstructed by the Republican Congress in fulfilling his goals, while Romney is still all over the map even formulating his ideas. . Please consider this when you vote.....Is the promise of your candidate to obstruct or to legislate.