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My e mail to Candy Crowley

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    Dear Candy,
    Good luck with the debate tomorrow. I want to bring up 2 topics that have not been - BUT SHOULD BE MENTIONED.

    1. Coal. It's a popular topic to try and win votes but what isn't being mentioned is how it's poluting our air badly. It is reccomended that no one should eat fish from Lake Erie more than once a week because of the Mercury levels, and pregnant women shouldn't eat that fish at all. This is from burning coal. They speak of clean coal but I don't believe in that. It probably cost much more in processing and the additional (expensive) scrubbers needed in smoke stacks would make it not a cheap alternative.

    2. China. (I spent 30 years in the export freight business and 12 - 15 years ago), many central Ohio manufacturers loaded up and shipped their factories to China. This must have happened all accross the USA. It was done to reduce the cost of production without any rules to follow. This was done by RICH individuals in the USA. This obviously led to massive increases in profits. Another example of the rich getting richer. While the laid off factory workers got much poorer. Plus there were no jobs paying similar salaries for the displaced workers. So when politicians talk about fighting China..... This is a farce. It would be hurting the rich factory owners who moved to the land of .40/Hour USD labor costs with no unions to mess with, No EPA to stop the dumping of chemicals into the land and water, No witholdings on workers wages. No paid holidays and vacations. Stop this and you're going to hurt the wealthy who shipped the jobs there 12 - 15 years ago. I bet most of them belong to one political party. So talk is cheap. Much like the cost of labor in China, Vietnam, and many other impoverished nations.

    I agree if you give a billionair a tax break they will create jobs. It just wont be here.

    Please consider these topics for the debate tomorrow. Someone has to look out for our ecology. Nobody talks about our national resources because there's no money to be made. Only fresh air and clean water. Plus the loss of jobs was greatly created by the private sector and not the government.

    Kindest regards,
    McClellan Johnson
    Pataskala, Ohio
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    McLellan Johnson, I am glad that you sent that email. I don't trust these debates--it's all a big feast for the media, and who knows what can come up n a town hall meeting--but the serious issues you point out are very important.
    There is not enough clean coal, drilling, whether on public or crown lands--or how about another disaster waiting to happen should they drill in Alaska--to get the American, and the wold's economies going.
    Some countries are actually working on serious solutions. On one program on TVO there was a progaram about a town in Germany, where the houses are built to very strict standards for insulation, etc., and there are solar panels whereever possible. They not only have enough power for their own, but can sell the excess electricity. And Germany is not what you would call a country basking in sunshine.
    Another thing about these debates: It seemed out of place to me that the Libya consulate was delberately brought into the conversation, when it is still undergoing investigaiton.And noe one, in the media, or anywhere else, seems to connect any dots, to the Egypt demonstrations at the embassy there, and the many demonstrations in many countries. As it is an unsolved issue, a not quite known quantity, Romney should keep his nose out of it. It is foreign policy, and on a need-to-know basis, for quite a lot of it, and it was not a fit, ready, known subject for debate.
    As for the Youtube video, yes,I think someone used it to try to embarras the administration. You don't do a video like that, knowing the middle east situation. I don't believe it was that Youseff person, who seems to be a career fraudster. From where did his mandate, his capital come from? Again, something like that spreading around the world and originating from America is inexcusable, but I have no doubt some people may have seen it worwhile to try and win political points.
    And they ahve four deaths on their hands. On top of it, it was outrageous that Mitt Romney tried to capitalize on his "personal connection", appearing almsot to shed a tear or two, unti the family spoke up and asked him o stop it.
    It is not a popular subject to bring up, as though we were talking about some sacred cow. Anything that suggests a possible connection between internet publihing and world events, is seen as a conspiracy theory. Well, we saw that in Egypt it was the internet that did start a revolution.
    Foreign policy? Mitt Romney is wrongheaded, he goes according to his narrow religious and personally limited world view: not even the best aides can save him from causing serious trouble.
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    You may not trust these debates but that does not mean they are not important. Look what happened after Obama lost the last one, he sank in the polls. He has to show up and win tomorrow night and I think he will. If he doesn't, it could cost him the election. Libya, well that is what Romney is going to try to use to his advantage. If all the facts are not known that will not keep it from being an issue. The repubs think they can use it to their advantage so they will use it.