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Romneys proposal has no guarantees

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    I would like a question to be asked at the debate of what guarantees does Mr. Romney has that if is plan was to be put into action that it would create more jobs. What would keep the businesses and corporations from pocketing the profits and not hiring more workers?
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    Good question...What's to say that the businesses and corporations won't send their work over seas? What are the penalty, if there is any??
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    I have been wondering and asking if I am the only person that noticed at the end of the 1st Presidential debate where Romney went up to President Obamas podium & took his notes.
    Romney then walked over to one of his members & handed them to him & said something & the guy then put them into his inside jacket pocket.
    Right after that you saw an individual from President Obamas members go up to President Obamas podium looking for the Presidents notes & looking puzzled when they weren't there.
    Not one mention about that on the news. Proves what a thief Romney is right there on national TV. Not one word was said about it.
    How obvious does it have to be. I for one would be embarrassed to even say I voted for such an idiot and THIEF as Romney.
    Not to mention, do you really want someone that stupid to handle our international relations.....
    Please let me know if anyone else caught this.
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    Perhaps the first question should be "Pleasegive us the SPECIFICS" of just what you would do to create jobs in this country"? And the answer has to be specifics even if it takes all night. A couple of talking poiints about reducing burdensome taxes, etc. should not be considered specifics. Another specific question of Mr. Romney should be (again SPECIFICs) about his tax reduction plan with correct math that adds up, if you will. "We will work out the details with Congress colaboratively" SHOULD NOT be acceptable as a response.
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    Just a thought...I wish somehow Obama could get in the following phrase tonight about Romney's lack of specifics, his flipflopping and complete disregard to the facts of his real agenda:
    "With regard to getting a handle on Romney's real political views, it's like trying to nail jello to a wall."
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    Good point Sharen, you it the nail on the head and it wasn't positioned in front of some jello. Just that jello-head Mitt.
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    I watched about the last three minutes of the debate on YouTube ..

    the version that I watched was 1:29:42, but it unfortunately did not include a shot of Romney stealing Obama's notes ..

    if you find a version that does, please let us know ..

    however, just watching Romney blatantly lie again in his closing statement almost made me mad enough to throw something at my screen ...
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    It's called the "trickle down " theory....a theory that says if you give enough tax breaks, subsidies and give aways to the rich.....some of it will trickle down on the rest of us. The idea was discredited a hundred years ago, but as always , with the Republicans can't keep a good lie down. Sen. Fred Harris ( Okla) ran for President in the 70's. He had what I think was the best thing to say about this. He said " I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being trickled on." He said he wanted to bring our wild west style of capitalism under some reasonable control. So, naturally, he didn't have a chance of winning......