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    I'm puzzled by why Romney/Ryan criticize the Obama Administration for taking their time in methodically sifting through the details of what happened in Libya after the heat the prior administration rightly took for the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED victory rally before the real war started?!?!?

    Maybe sometimes a cool head does prevail.... details and facts are important and there is no need to react unadvisedly for a political sound bite. It's called being Presidential and exhibiting leadership. The knee jerk reaction of Romney/Ryan on a sensitive matter like this one leads me to think they too may have itchy trigger fingers like "W" and would have a tendency to overreact. No thanks, not again, I say.

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    Not puzzling at all. The administration declared that it was not a terror attack far too early, and then they had to change their story. You are right, they need to take their time to get the real story of what happened but they made a mistake by their early statements. It makes them look bad and gives the Rupubs a reason to attack.