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Mormon women not allowed

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    Unwed Mormon women are not allowed in temple areas only men ck facts . Mormon is not christian I can't believe that there is not alot in the news about this. Does this mean that most Republicans are not Christian. They believe in God but not Christi ? This is what St. Paul warned of or feared in 2 Corinthians 11:3-4 and cursed in Galatians 1. Please Beware. This is real. The game has caught up with them.
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    I am a Mormon. The official name of our church is The Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints so we do believe in Christ and the Atonement. I am a democrat and I'm voting for Obama. The church encourages us to study the issues and vote for good, honest people so that's why I'm voting for Obama.
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    There unfortunately is a great deal of "misinformation" about the Mormon Church. For some reason, the public is being told that the Mormon Church is not Christian. That is NOT FACTUAL. Obviously, with a name like: "The Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter Day Saints" -- it HAS to be Christian, with the name of Jesus Christ right in the main title. That part is obvious to all.

    Also, a few years ago, I took instruction from the local Mormon Church, for a few weeks (from a church elder & his wife). They were such fine people, of great spirit & faith, and they offered me extensive opportunity to study their literature & religious books, to attend their form of Sunday School ---where the first thing they asked me was -- "How much do you know about Jesus Christ?" I attended 2 church services, & a church picnic, where I got to meet several more members. After a few weeks, they wanted me to be baptized & become a member. I was happy that they accepted me, but I had a few mental reservations about joining, since a great deal of Time would be involved (on my part). You have to spend at least 3 hours (each Sunday) in church, PLUS attend various meetings 2 or 3 times per week, for instruction & fellowship.

    I liked several aspects of their church. They do not approve (or allow) smoking or drinking alcohol. That is fine with me, since I do not do either. But then they also stated that I must not drink coffee or tea. I found that to be a bit odd, since nowhere in the Bible does it say you may not drink coffee or tea. And I think they also were against Coke-A-Cola, since it is a stimulant. This began to impinge on my personal freedom, and I saw no Biblical basis for this ban. Later, the elder said if I needed any stimulant, I could always take an Excedrin tablet. Between the lack of free time and personal time (after attending church at least 6 hours a week, & not allowing coffee or tea, & now saying that I could use an accepted substitute for caffeine, by taking an Excedrin pill. I began to feel a pinch, a hint of unnecessary restriction, & a
    big loss of personal freedom.

    For instance, if you do not attend church one Sunday, they will call or send someone over to question you as to WHY you did not attend church that day. They even may send someone to look into your cupboards to be sure you do not have smoking materials or alcohol anywhere in your house. Not to mention, they will probably be searching for other forbidden things, like coffee or tea.

    In my old familiar church, a Protestant church, they did not bother you about what you did, or how many days did you attend church. Or if you decided not to attend one Sunday. They NEVER said a thing. If you only attended church ONE SUNDAY a YEAR, they never said anything to you, trying to harass you about skipping a few days a year. We had absolute freedom to come & go as we please, without coercion. So I did not like the sudden feeling of coercion that was put out by the Mormon church. They wanted absolute control of all your free time.

    Also, in the Mormon church, you HAD to "tithe" --- donate 10% of all your income to the church. It was required, & this had to be done absolutely, or you may not be allowed into the church. This 10% "donation" (to the church), is BIBLICAL, - it is right out of the Bible. In many respects, it seems to be a nice church, they help their less fortunate members, & most of their members are fine citizens.

    It is in the isolated parts of Utah, where they practice polygamy (having several wives) where the women are treated like 2nd class citizens,
    & forced to wear long dresses, & sunbonnets, (like 1800's Pioneers),-- they cannot practice birth control or even think about having abortion, -- they must "share" their husband with the other wives, & often are put onto welfare, (as unwed mothers).

    The men can have as many wives as they want (or can afford), & often can choose girls as young as 15 yrs old, or less. This seems to come close to child abuse, or like entering into child sex slavery. Far away from populous areas, Mormon ideology still thrives & flourishes.

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    I knew a mormon also, and for sure he was a good soul. He devoted much of his time to the community, being a boy scout leader and a posey memeber(unpaid police officer). Yes I find the basics of the Mormon church to be good, but I also see a cult like church, something America did not need or could afford for a president. Like the first lady controls our presidents, the mormon church would of been controling Mittens.
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    I have been researching Mormonism for some time now. I have met with the missionaries at my house. Gone to their church. Have friends that are Mormons. Yes they call it the LDS or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They are for the most part good people who want to do good things but are, not "brain washed" but under mind control.
    Many online videos and websights are very critical of the church. They point out that the church "sanitizes" its history which it does. Any mormons who read this I invite you to research the other side of your history from other sources besides what is published by your church. But I am not stating that this alone makes this a false or "untrue" religion.
    As I have said I have researched Mormonism for some time. I am continuing to find new CONTRADICIONS in their own churh and what they believe in their core doctrins and scriptures. I talked to a Mormon friend of mine who was born and raised in the church. When I started pointing out some of my contradictions she stated that and researched these things and never saw it. When I asked her why she thought she never realized it. She looked at me in disbeliefe and said that she was told not to believe it.
    What I told her I found was a contradiction between the Book of Mormon and their own scriptures, prophacies from its prophets, and church doctrines in their Doctrines & Covenants (D&C).
    Lets start with the Book of Mormon. This is supposed to be "another testament of Jesus Christ". And according to the prophet Joseph Smith, the church leaders, and missionaries who testify to everyone it is, "The most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book." Book of Mormon, introduction, paragraph 6. Ok, so it states it is the cornerstone of their religion. So what does it state in the Book of Mormon???? Since it is written like the bible with different books. Lets look at the book of Moroni 8:18. It states," For I know that God is not a partial God, neither a changable being; but he is unchangable from all eternity to all eternity." So God told the prophet Moroni this and then gave Joseph Smith the divine power to translate this from golden plates. Even though he used his glass looking stones, (urum and thumum).
    So we go to a the King Follett Disclosure in April of 1844. Approxamately 20 years after he wrote the Book of Mormon. The current prophet, Joseph Smith, stated that," We have immagined and supposed that God was God from all eternity, I will refute that idea, and will take away and do away the veil, so that you may see." "These are incomprehensible ideas to some but they are simple..."Here, then, is eternal life-to know the only wise and true God; and you have got to learn how to be gods yourselves, and to be kings and priests to God, the same as all Gods have done before you..." Lorenzo Snow Couplet said it another way. "As man is God once was; as God is man may be."
    So The Book of Mormon states that God is unchangable from the start to the finish. However the prophet stated that God was once man, and we will become Gods ourselves.
    Im confused which is rite???? Is it the Book of Mormon or the prophet who speakes for God??? If the Book of Mormon is correct as it is proclaimed, then the prophet that wrote it is wrong. And if Joseph Smith is rite then the Book of Mormon is wrong, thus their is not keystone to the religion.
    I ask everyone who reads this to put aside your feelings and open your mind and think about on this.
    Thank you for your time.
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    Yes the name of the church is The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know that the leaders of the church have revield and preach that God the Father, Jesus Christ are 2 seperate persons (D&C 130:22). However if you research the Book of Mormon in Mosiah 15:1-4. Which states that God and Jesus are one. I invite you to put aside the feelings and contimplate this contradiction.
    Thank you for your time.
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    God and Jesus being separate or the same, is just one thing religions have done to complicate God and in a way, have given God a bad name. Look at your point, the Mormons give God a bad name with contradictions. Yes I believe in God, but it is very hard to believe just one religion is right and the rest are wrong, in my book, all religions are wrong, especially when they say you have to pay the church in order to get into heaven.