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George Stephanopoulos and the handling of "talking point" freaks

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    Do you suppose we could all write George Stephanopoulos to suggest he implement a "Talking Points" (glibness) Alarm every time one of his This Week guests goes of on a tangent? Last week it was the clearly insane Ann Coulter, this week it was the old ideologue Haley Barbour. If he can't recognize "talking points" maybe he could be encouraged to hold one session of his show to discuss that specific problem. At least have an alarm go off whenever a guest goes off on a purely negative, critical tangent instead of (or to avoid?) being constructive. George is a bright guy but to see him so easily manipulated and not know what to do when it happens is really sad. One might also suggest that George examine some of his past show transcripts to see whether the glib use of "talking points" might just be limited to a particular political party, or perhaps, if he's willing to have an astute political psychologist on, to people whose brain structures make them compulsively and consistently glib and manipulative. OR: am I completely off-base in not realizing that Democrats can also be major perpetrators? If that's the case, can we call them out to isolate the problem to the Other Party?