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    On 60 minutes, Governor Romney didn’t offer even one specific about how he would accomplish his goals once he would become President.  All he said was the same old s--- that he has been rattling off…..that he’ll just have to work with congress to iron out the details.  Who buys the same rotten eggs twice?  Who would accept his empty words over and over and over?  

    The President didn't offer much new from his campaign speeches either, BUT he was specific and detailed about his future hopes and his past successes.  This is what I want as our President.  A man who defines exactly where he wants to go, specifics and all.  Surely, one cannot guarantee 100% success, but one must not be afraid to say what it is that he DOES want.  Romney won't say out of risk of being wrong.  Obama will say because he believes in exactly what he is after.

    So, I would say that the choice has been made, but of course I am somewhat biased.  
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    I found Romney very vague about what tax deductions he would eliminate for average and upper income tax payers. He is going to look very bad in the debates if he tries to dance around specifics like he did on 60 Minutes.

    I don't share the President's hope for a more cooperative Congress if he gets reelected. I am afraid that Republicans are going to put party politics over the welfare of the United States. I was really disgusted when they blocked the Veterans Job Act. 

    I thought former President Bill Clinton again made a very good case for giving the President another four years earlier that day on "Face the Nation".
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    I think the reason Romney didn't offer specifics, is the fact he couldn't remember them,  60 minutes didn't allow cue cards.  Yes the debates should be a gas, Romney’s only hope is a chip implant that can speak for him, before he opens his senile screw up mouth again.  Hope I didn’t give the pups any ideas, I don’t believe so, chip implants is most likely part of the pups mass control plans, it talks about micro chip implants somewhere else I believe, remember?  I think the implant days are just one republican president away. 

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    Now that I’ve given this a bit more thought, Romney could have a plan much more sinister.  Here in WI, Governor Walker did the same thing, he didn’t offer any ideas of how he was going to reduce WI debt, until he was elected and it was too late.  When his real plans were revealed to us, we tried to recall him, but with the financial might behind him to brain wash the masses with our media, just like Hitler did; it was too late to stop him.  If Romney is elected, we will see this on a national level.    

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    IS IT RHYME -- (or REASON)

    I fall into a deep state of insomnia
    Whenever I think about Mitt Romneyia.

    Sometimes he says he is pro-choice
    But then he thinks of his Rolls Royce
    And suddenly he's changed his voice.

    His wife donated once to Planned Parenthood
    But then she realized that she never could
    within the sacraments of strict Mormonhood

    Which dictates that all your sexual habits,
    Must produce more offspring than the rabbits.

    Once Romney wanted universal healthcare
    But his corporate bankers said - "beware"

    That old people just might live too long
    and deprive him of assets in Hong Kong

    and buried in Swiss bank accounts
    in obscene exorbitant amounts.
    So Mitt's opinion did another Bounce.

    Oh what, dear Lord, can we Believe?
    What new reversals up his sleeve?
    What tangled webs could one man weave?
    Once he has learned how to deceive.

    One minute he says he wants more jobs
    While with the other hand he robs
    The homes of all the homeless mobs
    (Now empty rooms, with no doorknobs).

    If Romney wins, what lies ahead?
    Besides the lying words he's said?
    To what precipice will we be led?
    Or be among the grateful dead?

    Should we wait to find out what's been planned?
    The awful fate of this once Free Land?
    He will just repeat what's gone before
    The George Bush plan of Eternal War.

    The previous Wars have bled us dry
    Of blood and money, the tears to cry
    We can't just sit and wonder why

    Please remember this one Quote
    "Your LIFE depends upon this -- VOTE"

    Elect -- OBAMA -- 2012  November.

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    great composition eternal flame, clever too.