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New Joy Behar show 'Say Anything!' on Current TV

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    Joy Behar's new show sets to air on Current TV Sept 4th.  'Joe Behar: Say Anything!' is supposed to be a continuation of her latest show on HLN, "The Joy Behar Show", that even though had really good ratings, got cancelled.  Current TV is smaller network. But, they are letting her say and cover anything that she feels like saying or covering. 

    She plans to do things she that couldn’t do on HLN (a sister network to CNN) like a segment called “Holy Rollers” in which she’ll have a priest, a rabbi and an imam discuss the news of the day.

    “I like this network a lot,” Behar said of Current. “I like the fact that they told me I could say anything. I can talk about politics. I want people to weigh in on the conventions and the next election.”

    I'm not crazy about 'The View''s talking head.  But, her show was pretty popular.  And, this does sound like it could be at least moderately entertaining..  Think anyone will watch it?
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    I'm glad to see the new show...I enjoyed Behar on the View...but I quit watching when I realized that rises in my blood pressure accompanied remarks by Queen Elizabeth...I'm looking forward to Joy's comments on current events.  It seems like there have been too few outspoken women to represent the liberal side...  Joy is able to voice firm opinion without becoming strident...unlike some cons I could name....