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JOBS: Romney vs. Obama

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    I agree with all of you. Romney's plan was to make money for corporations. No matter if some/many were outside the US. All that mattered to Romney was that his buddies made money. And, to hell with all the workers in the US. Ah, we all know now how Romney thinks about the 47% that he thought wouldn't vote for him.

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    You're absolutely correct about both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

    Clinton was the last President that had a budget surplus, and if the Clinton era tax rates had remained in place, our national debt would have been eliminated by the year 2010.

    George W. started two wars, and put in place 2 tax cuts and an unfunded Medicare prescription drug program. All of those things combined produced the largest deficit in the history of our country (up to that point) the year that Obama took office.

    Although we'd all like to see the national debt eliminated, or at least reduced, the Office of Management and Budget does not project that happening for at least 5 more years, and probably longer than that. Table 1.1 in the link above shows our country's surpluses and deficits going all the way back to 1789. It's interesting to note that Dwight Eisenhower was the last Republican President to show a surplus, and that occurred way back in 1960.

    In April, the government booked a surplus of $114 billion, the largest surplus for that month since 2008, which should be good news.

    Unfortunately, the House Ways and Means Committee voted last week to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, which would cost the economy $310 billion over the next 10 years.

    In a perfect world, the Democrats would control both the House and the Senate after the mid-term elections in November, since it's an absolute fact that they are more fiscally responsible than the Republicans. Since an awful lot of people watch FOX "news" on a regular basis, the "perfect world" is unlikely to come to fruition any time soon.