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    for me -  the E.P.A. is losing credibility.
    We now have to use more expensive mercury filled light bulbs that do NOT last any longer than the old fillament type and have to be added to hazardous waste bins.
    We are using a food source (corn) to run "eco friendly" vehicles driving up food costs and raising a middle finger to starving nations.
    We are spending research dollars on creating algea based fuel which nature has already provided in the form of oil wells.
    It seems to me that the E.P.A. has become just another bureaucracy that is controlled by individuals for their own financial gain.
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    Don't know about the EPA but I do know that unless people are "forced" to make a change, nothing good ever comes about. Sure, plain ol' incadencent bulbs are great - they're cheap, bright and last a pretty long time, BUT if we don't legislate a newer, cheaper to operate and better technology, it will never happen unfortunately,

    As for using corn to make fuel, it's just a cheap political trick to keep the farmers happy, ruin our engines and raise fuel prices.

    Oil is wonderful (until it creates global warming). We need solar and wind to supplement oil certainly, but big oil doesn't want/need competition ;(
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    Your dead wrong on this as LED has no mercury and that the current tech and you still buy filament bulbs but only a short sighed person would do that as LED has the light of filament bulbs and run on half the power of a CFL and last a very long time and do not produce much heat so are much cheaper to run so much so they pay them self's off with in the first year compared to a filament type