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John McCain RNC Rant

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    I guess I sort of assumed that John McCain would touch on his military background, but instead his WHOLE speech ranted and raved about Obama's failure to militarily back Syria, Iran, and other nations that are having internal struggles with their own governments.  McCain says that Americans have always been world leaders in supporting and encouraging a democratic structure for those people who want that, but since Obama's election, the U.S. as failed to keep this position in the world's view.  I think Big John would be happy if the troops that have come home would instead have been diverted to one of these other countries that are struggling, or maybe even better, if they would have still been allowed to come home, but with the stipulation that someone in the Obama administration would give the order to bomb one or ore of those struggling countries.

    So, not only are the Republicans guilty of lying to Americans, trying their best to overturn the ACA, showing total disregard for the female gender, but now they have even gone so far as to say we need more war.  Makes me wonder what is next in their platform.  
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    Speaking of Democratic structure Israel is the only country in the Middle East region that is a true democracy, free enterprise and freedoms for everyone. Yet Obama has turned his back on Israel in favor of cajoling the extremists in Egypt and Syria to name just a few.