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George P. Bush - A Political Rookie

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    George P. Bush is the son of Jeb Bush, brother of G.W. Bush, and he is the Mexican grandson of George H.W. Bush.  When they were little kids, their grandma, Barbara Bush always calls them her "BROWN"  cookies.  I wonder if they had ever took offense on that label their grandma put on them. 

    Anyway,,,,,They need little George tp preach to the Hispanic Votes....

    George P. to court the Hispanic Votes?  Damage has been done and it’s futile for one person to court a whole country of Latin Voters. When President Obama signs the Dream Act , Romney is done with the Hispanic Votes. There's 74 days left before the election day .....Hispanics are not that stupid to buy into Romney's SELF DEPORTATION stupidity, how condescending is that? Adding more insult to the injury.