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Michael D. Higgins, Ireland President, Takes Down Tea Party Pundit Michael Graham!

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    This is awesome and priceless.  Absolutely priceless.  You have to listen to this.  Ireland's President, Michael D. Higgins, COMPLETELY, completely owns and humiliates conservative radio host Michael Graham, a tea party activist/supporter.  

    President Higgins lived in the U.S. for a good while and is surprisingly knowledgeable about our country.   He just runs over Graham about how ignorant and misinformed this Tea Party movement is.  And, how bad it is for the otherwise level-headed ways of the majority of our citizens.  Man, his fiery attitude and quick wit got me excited; he makes a ton of sense.  

    I love to hear the opinions of the leaders of other countries that know what they are talking about and really have something to say.  They just say what's on their minds with such passion.  And, its usually intelligent and more uninhabited than the stuff we usually get from our politicians.

    Here's the link with the audio and an article as well: