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    I'm looking to get a feel on this new guy that I just came across, Norman Goldman.  I know that he used to be a lawyer, he's a Democrat, and he has his own talk radio show, "The Norman Goldman Show", as well as he appears on MSNBC on a regular basis.  

    He claims to be "The Hardest Working Talk Show Host".  And, his new radio program's taglines are "where justice is served" and "where fierce independence is the norm".

    I have listened to just a little bit of a few pod casts from his show.  And, so far, I like what I hear from him.  But, I wanted to ask everyone hear if you have ever heard of him, and if so, what do ya think of him?  Is he worth paying attention to?
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    I have been listening to Norm for at least the past 5 years, and he is more thoughtful and fair minded than anyone I have streamed.

    Norm, if you are tracking this. Gizmo can describe himself as someone who favors the Governement over he Corporation, The Individual over the Government, the Environment over everything, and give the Indians anything they want.

    A Tea-Bagger favors the Government over the Individual, The Corporation over the Government, Screw the Environment, nuke the Indians and take their Casinos.