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Non-Partisan View of American Education

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    TJ Wrote:

    Dutch, I was happy to see your post. I hope you are well.

    Education and this country are like a dysfunctional family. All of the best intentions but no clear path on how to get where everyone knows we need to be. Let's consider this as a political puzzle piece. Why aren't repubs interested in the topic ? As I said previously.... there's no profits unless you own a school. There's no democratic agenda wherein it's brought up regularly. Maybe it's a citizen concern not being addressed by politicians. Perhaps Chet can mention it in his next e mail.

    Thanks Tony, I'm well ( much better than Trump!) Anyway, on education the point I'm trying to make is that here, there are way too many "sidelines" in education which have nothing to do with real education itself. More or less things which don't educate you like "school buses", school lunches, backpacks, computers teach you, instead of teachers, buying your own books and "school" tools, all the "sports" stuff and millions of cost for the school system, as well at present "school protection" for "gun" idiots, which I never experienced. I went on an bicycle about 10 miles every day, which would be much healthier than sitting in an polluting smoking bus, as well then you learn how the traffic works and prevents you from becoming obese and getting killed in the future. All the sidelines here are "non educational" NUTS.
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    Education has turned into a fluff word for agendas. Look at worthless degrees used to recruit low performers with a false promise.