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Todd Akin - Republicans and rape . . .

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    The Republicans aren't asking Todd Akin to step down because he said something egregious, but because they're afraid of not gaining a seat in the Senate, and he was their best shot. Don't buy into their claims that they are asking him to step down on moral grounds. yuk!
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    While Todd Akin stays in the news so does his buddy Paul Ryan. Since the Romney/Ryan campaign does not want the focus to shift to Ryan's outrageous views, they want Akin out of the picture.
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    Well said mark.  That was a stupid thing to say by Akin.
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    Oh, my Akin back. I can see that the GOP & Tea Party platform is leading to a War on Women that is as bad as the Taliban. In those countries, they make a woman cover her entire body, with a burqua  (like a head to toe gunny sack), and they must have their husband's permission to leave the house. They are kept like virtual slaves, and can be discarded like old trash by their husbands anytime. And THOSE are the Lucky Ones. I saw a recent (1986) true authentic video about a woman in Islamic IRAN who had always been a good wife and mother, but one day her husband decided to marry a 14 year old girl, from a wealthy family. In order to divorce your wife, you had to have the testimony of 2 adult males in your village, saying that your wife was an adulteress. (Meaning she slept around, beyond her husband's bed). If a meeting of the village leaders were convinced by this testimony, the wife would be sentenced to "Death by Stoning" --- so in this case, the husband bribed & threatened 3 men to LIE about her immoral behavior. Even though this woman was totally innocent, she was found Guilty by the tribal leaders, and the result was hideous to see. They buried her up to her waist in solid dirt, so she could not move or run away, and then the males of the village gathered rather large rocks & began throwing them at her. It was awful to watch the rocks hitting her upper torso and her head, while the blood started streaking her body. Then they brought out her husband & 2 sons to throw the last rocks at her, while spitting on her & insulting her. (For pure lies). At the end, some women in the village tried to give her a decent burial, but were not allowed, -- so they put her body alongside a creek, & the dogs ate it. (Don't you just love Sharia - Islamic Law?)

    THE STONING OF SORAYA M.  --- (incident 1986 IRAN) -- film released Canada 2008, in US 2009, & UK 2010.// On Amazon & on Netflix instant view.

    At first I didn't believe the "extremist" sensational reports that the GOP men and the Tea Party were full of those kinds of fundamental radicals that would take us back into the Medieval Period  (called the Dark Ages).  A time of blind stupidity, vicious evil people, rampant starvation & cruelty, people treated worse than slaves, all kinds of plagues and diseases wiped out whole cities, with dead bodies piled up on horse carts to be burned. The rulers at that time never cared about the people, thought of them as cattle.

    Watching the Tea Party & the right wing GOP brings back that image so clearly now. It is incredible to most of us, who are of normal intelligence and character, that America could possibly spawn the degenerate creatures who live amongst us, yet seem immune to the advances of technology & education. How could they live here, and go to a church, and have such despicable values and freaky opinions?  Quite frankly, How is it POSSIBLE for them to be so DARNED STUPID??

    But even worse than degenerate values, freaky opinions, & incredible STUPIDITY, these people, (especially those who they elect to be their leaders), show a deep character flaw that borders on insanity.  How could anybody endowed with a free education in the 20th century, possibly believe the Horse Shit that Todd Akin and many of his GOP cronies apparently believe?  Have they had their head dunked in a barrel for the last 65 years?  I mean, we have schools, colleges, libraries, and even Educational TV, for God's sake. What could possibly be their excuse for remaining dumber than a box of rocks?  (I apologize to any rocks who may be offended by this). 

    Even in the days before public schools existed, I don't think half the Male population were dumb about female anatomy, to the extent that they thought that sperm could not exist when the  lady in question was traumatized or raped. Those fictional physiological functions were absurd even in the 1950's. These fantastic factoids exist only in the feeble minds of the farthest-right, foul-mouthed, fractured Few.  (A few flamboyant flowery flourishes of speech once again). Sorry - for momentary lapse in composure: )

    However I may have to plumb the Depths of Depravity, when expressing the Devil's Brew of Dialogue demonstrated by the "Honorable Opposition" of our Democratic Cause. It is definitely NOT an honorable argument that ensues whenever the twain shall meet, (both a Democrat & a Republican).  The Republicans have learned it well, HOW TO TELL MORE LIES IN AN HOUR than would fill the national airwaves in a YEAR.  Particularly despicable lies, of slanderous accusations, & imaginary economics, & total obstruction of the agenda of Congress. Such do-nothing agenda of the GOP amounts to Treason, as it violates their "oath of office" and has made us citizens pay them an IMMENSE SALARY to do NOTHING to Represent WE THE PEOPLE --- which is the purpose for which they were elected and sent to Congress.  The GOP all signed an "illegal" pledge to Grover Norquist who was never elected to anything, except that his cronies are Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, & Bush, & Karl Rove. - (Guys that were voted OUT) in 2008.  SO WHY ARE WE ALL
    sitting by and watching them STEAL THEIR SALARY, and NOT DO THEIR JOB?  (Could WE do that?)  

    Seeing the new WAR ON WOMEN, their arrogant attitudes toward Obama, their trying to suppress or abolish the VOTE, which is the very lynchpin of our Democracy, and attempts to destroy or demolish THAT, are tantamount to TREASON of the highest order.  Not earning their salary due to a pledge to Grover Norquist, which apparently precedes their commitment to the US Govt and its Constitutional Laws --- is probably Treason, & we should at the very least DEMAND A REFUND.   And then BOOT THEM OUT of Wash DC.

    The appearance of Treason, and impending Fascism --- is not coincidental.  The Emergency Managers in Detroit & Flint Michigan (just a couple of examples of this travesty of justice) are the "test case" scenario, to see exactly how far the GOP can go, to destroy our democracy (in plain sight) BEFORE WE GET WISE & TAKE ACTION to protect our country and our Democratic form of Govt, -- or ELSE THEY HAVE WON.   Without Firing a Shot, they have killed our Democracy.

    The Michigan Emergency Mgrs are GOP trial cities, to see what they can get by with, without the people getting wise, and getting angry.  They waltz in and tell city council that their services are no longer needed, their votes or petitions no longer count, and the Emerg Mgr has the power to fire or replace them all, & to rename their city or close their schools, or change the rules in all agencies. The opinions of the citizens of that city are no longer valid. This is an exact REPLICA of COMMUNISM. (exactly). The Tea Party GOP are proud of Ayn Rand's philosophy (a hero of Paul Ryan & many others). I have read all 3 of Ayn Rand's books, and the one that impressed me the most was "We the Living" where the heroine was in a Russian city being taken over by communism, and only a communist could get housing, or a job, or an education. Finally it was so horrible that the only way a girl could survive, if she didn't want to become a Communist, she had to buy a white rabbit fur coat, and sneak across the barbed-wire fence border, with lots of armed guards placed every few yards.  She had to conceal herself in the huge wasteland of Siberia, covered 3 feet in snow, by wearing a white fur coat that would blend in with the snow, so the armed guards would not see her crawling along. And after months of preparation, spending every dime she had on this white rabbit coat, she started across the million mile border, hoping to avoid detection by all the armed guards, so she could safely make it across the border into Life & Freedom. Into Finland most likely. Since Ayn Rand was born in Russia and loathed Communism, (apparently) this story was poignant & heart-breaking. But I guess other of Ayn Rand's books praise the corporate giants who have no virtue, who are selfish and greedy, and who try to destroy any independent thinkers. This was shown in "The Fountainhead" -- about a famous architect. I have not seen enough to be really sure about Ayn Rand's true outlook.  Some characters in her books express arrogant selfishness, greed & corruption. Others are more like regular people.But the Tea Party fans of Ayn Rand have supported the ideas of the filthy rich elites, doing all they can to suppress the "little people" & destroy their very existence, or at least their power to control their own lives. 

    Please NOTE that the power hungry, selfish greedy aspect of the worst characters in Ayn Rand's novels, are EXACTLY what the US GOP is trying to mimic and emulate. They are all saying (like Paul Ryan -- imminent candidate for GOP Vice President) -- that it was Ayn Rand that "inspired them to go into politics." It was not for the good of mankind, or even to help the US govt stay strong --- it was to MIMIC the govt in her novels -- based on COMMUNIST RUSSIA where she grew up. THAT is what they want to create here in America.
    So remember -- they are trying right now to suppress YOUR VOTE, and they are building empires of corruption to keep themselves rich, and instead of being grateful to Uncle Sam for the great opportunity to be a rich business leader, & paying their fair share of taxes, they all want to "hide" their assets, to AVOID paying to Uncle Sam what they owe him, and in an "unAmerican" act of defiance, they want to use unlawful means to bankrupt our govt, weaken our economy, & take away homes, jobs, & education from the American people, who have always faithfully paid THEIR taxes, & paid into Social Security & Medicare, & served in our Military. THEY ARE MAKING FOOLS of us, who are good citizens, and IF WE VOTE FOR THEM ---- (the Republicans) -- this country will never survive the damage they have done and WILL DO to it in the next 4 years. -- MAY GOD PROTECT US.