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Arizona Senate Race

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    Jon Kyl is retiring which leaves his seat up for grabs. An independent is running on the ticket for the Democrats, Richard Carmona. He is a retired vice admiral, and ex-surgeon general of the US. He is going up against Rep Jeff Flake. Carmona has raised more money just by a bit and quite an uphill battle ahead of him. He has plenty of political experience and would make a great senator if elected.
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    I've been on Rich Carmona's mailing list for quite a while now, and he is head and shoulders above both of the Republican candidates.

    Jeff Flake, one of his opponents, has actually suggested that the legislature should APPOINT senators, instead of having the voters elect them.
    If you've had occasion to view some of the moronic laws that the legislature has proposed so far this year i n Arizona, I think you'd agree that having the legislature
    appoint Senate candidates is NOT a good idea.

    Most significantly, Rich Carmona has received endorsements from a wide variety of public officials, so he'll probably prevail in November.

    His official website is posted below:

    We need a lot more people like Rich Carmona in the Senate, and a lot LESS people like Todd Akin, the Republican congressman from Missouri.
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    Democrats should send as much money to as many state races as they possibly can