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Soledad O'Brian Calls out Sununu

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    Soledad O'Brian called out Sununu on inconsistencies in Ryan's Plan and GOP stances on Obama's Plan. She had three independent analysis in hand and would reference them. Everytime she did, Sununu became more and more agitated. Eventually, Sununu just told her to stamp an Obama sticker on her forehead. This is more of that "for us or against us" mentality. If you question the GOP you must be against them, believe us because we say it's true.
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    Exactly Zach, Sununu is a total stroke, lost in that over-sized head of his about his party and who they want to be--kings of the world.  And by the way, he probably has a Mitt tatoo on his rear.
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    That big 'CRACK POT OF CRAP" is on again.  I would always refer to him as that since he said this to Ed Schultz.  John Sununu is a Palestinian and he does not even have regard towards his people when Mitt Romney just point blank said in his speech in Israel that Palestinians are low down people compared to that of the Jews. If you can not  acknowledge your origin, that says a lot about a person...I could not respect anyone who can not respect their own.
    I loved it when Soledad yelled back at him also and cut him off the air without delay...hehehehahahahah  Alright Soledad, atta girl.