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Libertarians taking aim at Romney in Washington

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    So now Libertarians have filed a suit to have Romney/Ryan removed from the ballot in Washington. Washington (as well as federal) law limits only major political parties to be able to be on the ballots. A major political party is usually defined as a party that received at least 5% of the votes in the last election. Otherwise you need a petition to get on the ballot.

    Well the last national election in Washington was for Senate, and the GOP did not field a candidate that year and therefore did not reach the 5% mark. The Libertarian Party says that disqualifies Romney/Ryan to be legally added to the ballot and the time to submit a petition has expired.

    While I agree, the letter of the law may disqualify Romney/Ryan (I say 'may' because I only have superficial knowledge of the law/precedents) I think removing Romney/Ryan from the ballot would violate the intent of the law, which is to prevent having 500+ people on a ballot and thus mucking up the process. What do you guys think?