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Made in America ~ The Rule of Law and Public Purpose

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    A constitutional amendment should not be required to annul Citizens United's overthrow of restrictions on so-called "independent" campaign expenditures by corporations. FYI, the Tillman Act of 1907 still stands to block direct corporate giving to candidates and parties.

    By definition, corporations do not exist without regulations. They are morally hazardous organizations designed to externalize risk and foster coordination. They should be regulated per the rule of law and public purpose. They have absolutely no business in party/candidate campaigns. This goes for their CEOs and corporate officers. The government, as a creditor and regulator of corporations, enjoys immense leverage. None of this violates free speech or conflicts with the Constitution, neither the living nor the parchment. Subsidy, entitlement, and "positive" liberties are not available from the government unconditionally.

    For crying out loud, all private banks are engaged in a public-private partnership with the government! They are literally government employed private agents! That's not crazy talk.....that's what you get when you have a.) FDIC insurance and regulation and b.) the Federal Reserve as the monopoly supplier of bank reserves at its targeted fed funds rate.
    The government supplies the funds, the private side prices the risk of lending to customers. That's how the system works. Can't let the private sector side override the public side of things.

    Here's the song that R-Money used without permission: "Panic Switch" by Silversun Pickups.