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A Return To Jim Crow

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     Yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden merely spoke the allegorical truth regarding the proposed legislation coming out of the Republican Party.

    His comment that Romney and the extremists that control him will essentially put Black folk back in chains if they are successful is a very true symbolic narrative statement. It needed to be said.  What do peolple think these Voter ID Laws, desire to dismantle Medicare and repeal of a fair and substansive Health Care program will do to minority and poor folks?

    I have always been astounded, and always overwhelmed with amazement how racists and bigots react when they are "called out" for their ideas and behavior. They pretend to be so insulted. To the point of suggesting whoever calls them out (Joe Biden) must be crazy and unfit for office. I'm not at all insulted by the truth of Bidens statement.

    I  am very insulted by persons, however, who deserve to be called out then proceed to pretend they have been insulted and hurt when it happens. 

    Interesting that its a White man who stood up and enunciated THE TRUTH on yesterday. 

    Mr. Biden, please continue to tell it like it is.
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    I think it helps to understand that some of the most bigoted and hypocritical right-wing politicians and political activists do not realize they are bigoted or hypocritical. That's why they are insulted that anyone would suggest that they are.

    But, it helps even more to realize why they think they are NOT -- and why they think they are instead good, patriotic Christians.

    When Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson's "Moral Majority" became part of the Reaganite "Reagan Revolution," it was based not merely on very cunning and clever corporate propaganda. It was also based on very cunning and clever "religious" propaganda. That's why they waved the flag and thumped their bible as they rattled their swords.

    "Trickle down" Reaganomics was based on a distorted biblical principle, and that distortion led people to believe that the wealthy are blessed by God and that the poor deserve to be poor because they are merely "lazy." And many Americans bought that idea -- and still do -- because of Reaganism.

    Read Ronald Reagan's Real Legacy, and About Christianity..
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    You are absolutely correct, of course. There is No doubt in my mind that these people truly do believe the nonsense and hate they spout about Liberals and Obama, in particular. Mittens and his wife and Ryan and his wife truly believe they are the "anointed ones" and they and only they deserve to rule over us peons. They are not people who question, they are true believers in whatever they were taught as children. Very few of them ever grow up to question their views or ideology, it's just a fact of their life and core beliefs.

    Liberal/Progressives, on the other hand, tend to question authority and study the past so as to make the future a better place.  Conservatives/Libertarians, want to keep the "status quo" or even go back to what the view as "the good old times" . This is one major and fundamental difference between "us" and "them"
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    Me wonders if a particular group of Nuns(the ones being picked on by the Vatican) would be so kind as to endorse Obama. Or would that seal the deal regarding excomminication?
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    If you read Doonesbury, you may have noticed that Jimmy Crow still makes an occasional appearance.

    Garry Trudeau is a master at finding obscure stories, and writing stories about them.

    Here's the story that today's strip capitalized on:

    This year, one of the GOP victories in Florida came when Ileana Garcia, co-founder of Latinas for Trump, defeated incumbent Democrat José Javier Rodríguez in a state Senate race. It was a narrow victory, however, and Miami Herald journalists Samantha J. Gross and Ana Ceballos are reporting that Rodriguez has demanded an investigation of a third-party candidate, Alex Rodríguez.

    In that race, Alex Rodríguez (unrelated to José Javier Rodríguez) received more than 6,300 votes, which was a big deal given how close the race was. Garcia defeated José Javier Rodríguez by a mere 34 votes, and there has been speculation that Alex Rodríguez was planted as a spoiler to take votes away from the incumbent Democrat.

    "Alex Rodriguez' candidacy appeared to exist for only one reason: to suck votes away from incumbent José Javier Rodríguez, who shares the same surname," according to Gross and Ceballos. "The incumbent lost by just 34 votes, and he is now calling for an investigation into Alex Rodriguez — and whoever may have put him up to run."

    "Shadow candidate" Alex Rodriguez, the Herald reporters note, has "drawn the attention of law enforcement."

    "Sources with knowledge of the investigation tell the Miami Herald that Miami-Dade state prosecutors are now probing the mysterious candidacy, which has also led to a series of investigative reports from the Herald and other news outlets such as WPLG-10 and Univision, whose reporters found Rodriguez renting a home in Palm Beach County — not in Miami-Dade County, where he filed to vote and run for state office," the Herald reporters explain.

    Some of you may be aware of the fact there were 23 presidential candidates on the ballots in Colorado. One of them was Kanye West, who ultimately got slightly more than 8000 votes. He ran as an independent. Although he has supported various Democrats over the years, he visited the Oval Office in October of 2018. In January of 2019, he re-affirmed his support for Donald Trump.

    What really set Biden's campaign in gear was his primary victory in North Carolina, where he received a heavy percentage of the black vote. Ultimately, Biden got 87% of the black vote nationwide.

    Kanye West's candidacy did not help Trump in Colorado, but he DID attract voters who likely would have voted for Biden.

    By the way, you may have noticed that the first post on this thread mentions Biden. Even 8 years ago, Biden was getting good reviews.

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    In 1935, Nazi Germany passed two radically discriminatory pieces of legislation: the Reich Citizenship Law and the Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor. Together, these were known as the Nuremberg Laws, and they laid the legal groundwork for the persecution of Jewish people during the Holocaust and World War II.

    When the Nazis set out to legally disenfranchise and discriminate against Jewish citizens, they weren’t just coming up with ideas out of thin air. They closely studied the laws of another country. According to James Q. Whitman, author of Hitler’s American Model, that country was the United States.

    “America in the early 20th century was the leading racist jurisdiction in the world,” says Whitman, who is a professor at Yale Law School. “Nazi lawyers, as a result, were interested in, looked very closely at, [and] were ultimately influenced by American race law.”

    In particular, Nazis admired the Jim Crow-era laws that discriminated against black Americans and segregated them from white Americans, and they debated whether to introduce similar segregation in Germany.

    Yet they ultimately decided that it wouldn’t go far enough.

    “One of the most striking Nazi views was that Jim Crow was a suitable racist program in the United States because American blacks were already oppressed and poor,” he says. “But then in Germany, by contrast, where the Jews (as the Nazis imagined it) were rich and powerful, it was necessary to take more severe measures.”

    Because of this, Nazis were more interested in how the U.S. had designated Native Americans, Filipinos and other groups as non-citizens even though they lived in the U.S. or its territories. These models influenced the citizenship portion of the Nuremberg Laws, which stripped Jewish Germans of their citizenship and classified them as “nationals.”

    A copy of the Nazi-issued Nuremberg Laws. (Credit: Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

    A copy of the Nazi-issued Nuremberg Laws. (Credit: Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

    But a component of the Jim Crow era that Nazis did think they could translate into Germany were anti-miscegenation laws, which prohibited interracial marriages in 30 of 48 states.

    “America had, by a wide margin, the harshest law of this kind,” Whitman says. “In particular, some of the state laws threatened severe criminal punishment for interracial marriage. That was something radical Nazis were very eager to do in Germany as well.”

    The idea of banning Jewish and Aryan marriages presented the Nazis with a dilemma: How would they tell who was Jewish and who was not? After all, race and ethnic categories are socially constructed, and interracial relationships produce offspring who don’t fall neatly into one box.

    Again, the Nazis looked to America.

    “Connected with these anti-miscegenation laws was a great deal of American jurisprudence on how to classify who belonged to which race,” he says.

    Controversial “one-drop” rules stipulated that anyone with any black ancestry was legally black and could not marry a white person. Laws also defined what made a person Asian or Native American, in order to prevent these groups from marrying whites (notably, Virginia had a “Pocahontas Exception” for prominent white families who claimed to be descended from Pocahontas).

    The Nuremberg Laws, too, came up with a system of determining who belonged to what group, allowing the Nazis to criminalize marriage and sex between Jewish and Aryan people. Rather than adopting a “one-drop rule,” the Nazis decreed that a Jewish person was anyone who had three or more Jewish grandparents.

    Which means, as Whitman notes, “that American racial classification law was much harsher than anything the Nazis themselves were willing to introduce in Germany.”

    It should come as no surprise then, that the Nazis weren’t uniformly condemned in the U.S. before the country entered the war. In the early 1930s, American eugenicists welcomed Nazi ideas about racial purity and republished their propaganda. American aviator Charles Lindbergh accepted a swastika medal from the Nazi Party in 1938.

    Once the U.S. entered the war, it took a decidedly anti-Nazi stance. But black American troops noticed the similarities between the two countries, and confronted them head-on with a “Double V Campaign.” It’s goal? Victory abroad against the Axis powers—and victory at home against Jim Crow.

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    This is an interesting thread. We are not born racists or white nationalists, yet we certainly at a young age become aware of racial and ethnic differences. It is largely through our parents, siblings and community that we adopt racial and other prejudices (e.g. anti-gay, anti-Muslim) that would otherwise not be a big issue.

    The Proud Boys, for example, seem to have arrived on the scene as Trump became prominent in politics in 2016. Trump's politically incorrect language probably was the final stimulus to become part of a gang, but the deeper racial feelings of the members did not originate with Trump...more like their parents. It's much the same as one's religious beliefs that involves indoctrination at a young age.

    In Trump's case, he opportunistically took advantage of those deep seated resentments in the same way dictators of the past were successful...playing to grievances. Playing the "blame game" and in this case blaming immigrants and people of color for their economic status in life.

    As we have discussed in this website, it has gotten get more violent as our president leads the charge. Our only hope is that Biden can counter that ugliness with goodness. It will take time...perhaps the entire Biden presidency and longer. I suppose a lot depends on what Trump does once he leaves office. He loves the limelight and stirring up trouble. He is despicable.

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    Yes Schmidt, you've got it right. But as with Obama the Trump Party will do everything to obstruct, so "governing" becomes impossible. Trump and his followers will remain an pain in the butt for an awful long time, so I believe that Biden can't accomplish much during his tenure as long as the GOP does not cooperate and McConnell stays in place. Looking at the Georgia "money game" it makes me sick in the stomach. As long as "money" drives elections then forget decency and that any "honest" person can win. Gambling does not belong in "elections". But yeah, this country loves to stay on this path; therefore it will again find out that "playing" with "money" never gets you the right person for the job. When is this country going to learn? I guess never.