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What about those cuts to Medicare?

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    I don't tolerate any BS from the likes of you and your crowd. The truth means nothing to any of you. Any lie or misrepresentation  will do if it will further your agenda of hate, intolerance, and selfishness. WE ARE WISE TO YOU!!!

    The American people don't want or need your brand of selfish, narrow-minded hate and greed. We put up with The Shrub for eight years while he destroyed the economy and our country, we won't let it happen again, believe me!
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    THE ED SHOW August 15, 2012

    Two Professors, John McDonough of Harvard U and John Gruber of MIT were guest at the Ed Show.  They were invited at the show because they were previous members of the team who engineered the ROMNEY CARE of Massachusettes.  They were also part of the Team who put the ACA together for President Obama.  Here was their Dialogue:

    Professor McDonough:
    “The RomneyCare of Massachusettes is running 98% successfully. Everyone loves their health care.  It is a wonder to me why Mr. Romney would like to repeal the Affordable HealthCare Act widely known as ObamaCare.  Actually, the mechanics of ACA was patterned after the schemantic of the RomneyCare.  The “mandate” placed in the RomneyCare was challenged by some group of people in Massachusettes but failed. Majority of the people did not complaint about it.  These same mandate in the ACA was challenged in the Supreme Court, and as it turn out, it met the same failure as it were in Massachusettes.”

    Professor Gruber:
    “I don’t see the reason why Mr. Romney wants to repeal the ACA.  The blueprint of the ACA is actually the RomneyCare of Massachusettes.  It is working very efficiently here in Massachusettes and we are confident that it will work also with ACA. 
    If the repeal of ACA by the Republicans materialized, it will kill Medicare as we know it.  The ACA actually will enhance the Medicare which is an excellent health plan for the Seniors.  At the same time ACA is also an excellent health plan for the rest of the citizens of the country.  The ACA will not be a burden to the economy rather it will be an asset to the financial health of the economy in the long run.
    Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan were not accurate in their calculation of the ACA being a burden to the economy.  Mr. Romney wants to repeal ACA while forgetting his own law which he had established here in Massachusettes.   

    Obamacare is Romneycare 'with three more zeroes,' says architect of both
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    this is in response to the original post...

    is not that the republican way of doing things

    take from the poor and give to the wealthy

    if cutting taxes for the wealthy produces jobs, where are the jobs produced by the bush tax cuts

    pr is a true red conservative, just what the party conservatives demanded for their support of mittens

    oh well
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    Sabrina --

    Good points on RomneyCare and the Affordable care Act.  RomneyCare is essentially the same as the Affordable Care Act, and the real irony of the political campaign is that it is one of Romney's signature accomplishments that he cannot really cite.  Even today Romney is doubling down..."repeal and replace."  But replace with what?

    Yet as you and other notable experts have noted, the repeal of the Affordable care Act is certain death for many of those that will be "thrown under the bus." It is actually insane.  John Roberts realized that and just couldn't take that step to rule the act unconstitutional.

    With respect to Medicare costs, getting those rising costs under control has been both a Republican and Democrat talking point for years.  Finally when President Obama acted to do something about it, the Republicans spit in his face. The Medicare Trustees report of April 2012 addresses the cost containment issue:

    This legislation, referred to collectively as the “Affordable Care Act” or ACA, contains roughly 165 provisions affecting the Medicare program by reducing costs, increasing revenues, improving certain benefits, combating fraud and abuse, and initiating a major program of research and development to identify alternative provider payment mechanisms, health care delivery systems, and other changes intended to improve the quality of health care and reduce its costs to Medicare.

    These 165 cost savings provisions have been studied carefully and extensively on a bipartisan basis for years, and were finally enacted as a part of the Affordable Care Act.  No seniors benefits were cut.  In fact some benefits were enhanced like the closing of the Medicare Part D donut hole. As we have pointed out, many of these same cost savings were also incorporated into the Ryan budget that was passed by the House of Representatives. Republicans voted for it.

    And now the idiocy of the Republican spin.  Romney says he will reinstate all those cost cuts (cost savings) claiming that they are taking away benefits from seniors. That is about as big a lie as he has ever least it must make his top 5.

    Furthermore, if Romney does indeed repeal the ACA, the cost to the tax payers will be higher according to the CBO.

    Repealing the ACA is about the dumbest thing that any Congress or President could do.  It would make them a candidate for the Darwin Award. Just sheer stupidity.  Yet that is exactly what he has promised again in his acceptance speech tonight at the RNC. That and reinstating the $716 billion in cost cuts for Medicare.  From Politico:

    Romney said he would get rid of the health care law in an attempt to help small businesses. “We must rein in the skyrocketing cost of health care by repealing and replacing Obamacare,” he said.

    And Romney criticized what he calls $716 billion in cuts to Medicare in Obama’s health reform law.

    “His $716 billion cut to Medicare to finance Obamacare will both hurt today's seniors, and depress innovation — and jobs — in medicine,” Romney said.

    I just shake my head at all this stuff.  They really must have a screw loose. Or their base includes some of the dumbest people in the world.
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    You are so right Schmidt, they ARE the dumbest people in the world.  Sure, it was their leader Romney last night who said these things, but ALL Repubs have been saying the EXACT same thing during the campaign.  They have to be mentally deranged, how many thousand of times has Obama or one of his team publicly refuted the $716 billion by telling Americans EXACTLY where this money came from and what it is going to?  How many thousand of times has Obama or one of his team publicly touted the value, to the country and many millions of Americans without health insurance, that this new ACA will be a life and money saver both for them and for the country?  AND even with all these facts being presented and drilled into the public by the pundits on MSNBC and CNN, team Romney still has the nerve (insanity) to keep telling these lies to the American Public.  What I really don't understand is the Republican base.  Surely some of them are of average intelligence.  Can they not see these lies from Mitt and Co.?  Or, and please Lord let this be true, maybe it is just the number of individuals in that Convention Hall that actually believe these lies.  
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    I am related to and know many tea party.  They are not stupid.  They own their own business,  and are quite well off.  Their only source of info is  Fox news and the fox owned 6 p news and of course, Rush and his ilk.  They truly believe that Obama Cartes will bankrupt their small business cuz Fox told them that.  It will bankrupt medicare because their reliable sources tell them so.  Huckabee, Santorum,  and so on are their heroes.  Sadly they truly believe their destiny is to save our country by taking the vote from people who don't believe as they do, pro-life to the extreme, but the death penalty and as many guns as possible.  If you truly want to understand them turn on Fox news for 18 straight hours and let them brainwash you.  They really are lacking in their knowledge of the constitution and the checks and balances.  It will only get worse as more states like TX, LA etc. allow the far right to decide the school curriculum.  Following Fox like lemmings to the sea.
    From Left Action" :

    Write Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal today, and demand that Louisiana schools not be allowed to teach utter nonsense as science.
    Under the state's new voucher program, one of the most extensive in the nation, nearly $4 million in public funding will go to schools that teach or champion creationism as science. Many of these schools rely on textbooks that teach (alleged) "Bible-based facts" such as:
    - The Loch Ness Monster is real
    - Dinosaurs and humans "were definitely on the Earth at the same time"
    - Scientific evidence for dragons has been found
    Students will be taught this nonsense, and they will be taught it using public funding. Unless we put a stop to this.


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    DemNow...... Amazing how you have firends, families, acquaintances, & relatives who differs from you.  I guess you are the only one who knows better than they are.  This is precisely my point....HOW DO WE PUT A STOP to all this derangement?   My simple answer to that is, PRAYER.  In one of the show at Hardball....Chris Matthews emphasized ARMAGEDDON with a Romney win.  Prior to his saying that on the air, I was already circulating my take on the matter...I have even tweeted this to Chris "ARMAGEDDON WITH A ROMNEY WIN."  And I guess, he got the message and expanded this on his show. I believe that God has His Divine Plan for all of us, and confident that God is Good, He knows exactly what plan He has for all of us.  And this is all I have to hang on to. 
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    DemNow -- Yes I agree with you.  I used the term "dumb" not in the sense that they lacked intelligence, but rather perhaps as willful ignorance.  I have many Republican acquaintances from my work days and most all are college graduates...intelligent and creative in their day to day work environment, but politically deaf about social and cultural issues. I suppose another term is "low information voter."  When I converse with them on politics I am appalled at their misinformed views and disregard for facts.  I can't get engage in a discussion because we can't even agree on facts.  

    I have mentioned in other posts in the past that the one defining difference between us is Fox News.  When we are invited into their homes, Fox News is the channel of choice.  I know that some watch it other channels.  Then there is Rush Limbaugh who broadcasts his hate agenda across rural America and across the ocean into the Armed Forces Network where his daily vilification of the Commander-in-Chief is heard by our troops on the ground.  I don't believe that is healthy for our society.

    For anyone that has taken the time to look closely at both the Affordable Care Act and Medicare, some areas for improvement can certainly be identified.  Obama's $700 billion in cuts to Medicare over 10 years is a part of that effort to improve efficiency.  They are common sense solutions, and it makes absolutely no sense that any Republican would oppose those cuts.  In fact they didn't initially...they voted for the cuts in the House as a part of the Ryan budget.  The difference of course is that President Obama plows the savings back into other parts of health care where it is more critically needed. The Ryan budget uses it to offset tax cuts for the wealthy.

    These guys are in their 60s like me, college educated and white...old white guys if you like...the Republican base.
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    Exactly, our mis-information with no fact checking news channels.  Like so many who say "Well, I saw it in the internet." (must be true)
    I believe the last medicare stuff passed by the Republicans under Bush with no effort made to pay for it was  to make certain they got rid of medicare knowing  it would go bankrupt sooner.  Same with the post office, -privatize it all. 
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    DemNow Wrote:

    Students will be taught this nonsense, and they will be taught it using public funding. Unless we put a stop to this.


    DemNow - This is the saddest thing of all....when student will only be INDOCTRINATED the way they see fit notwithstanding the REAL reason why our parent send us to school to learn the basic of human existence.  I was even surprise when they propose to removed all the books (if they haven't already) the children's fantasy books on Disney, like Alice in Wonderland, Alice and the 7 Dwarfs, etc.....  because their premise was they do not like the children having Fantasy instead of learning Reality.  Oh my goodness, as a child, I thrive on this Fantasy Books, and learn the morals of each Fantasy.  Children will eventually grow to learn what is real versus what is particularly in my case.  Give children the independence of choice, while letting them learn on their own. 
    Again I will repeat what Karl Rove said, quote, "people who are more educated and informed, the less likely they will vote for Republicans."  This tells me that Republicans cater to the less fortunate part of society who does not have the kind of education we had in the past.  And now they are trying their very best to pattern our learning process based on some biblical sense. I am Catholic and I hated all my Theology classes.. I find it to be a distraction in coping with reality.  My theology classes are just a guide for me, but I also have brain to think in terms reality.  Remember that RELIGION is one form of oppression.....they will use your Faith to control you.  It has been done before and they will continue to do so as a means of controlling you.  A lot of people does not know this, but this is a fact.  
    Yes, People need to rise up (for those who knows better) to the occasion....they are now messing with our children's learning process and this is not good.   
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    I am really scared.  I am loosing the use of my arms. and have no alternative but to seek help.  How are those cuts going to effect my chances.  Under Obama's Plan,  I might get the help I need.  Under Romney,  I stand a better chance at having a snowball fight in hades before I get help for a Pre-existing condition.

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