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Good vs. Evil and the winner is….

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    Dutch Wrote:
    unitedmajority Wrote: Dutch:
    You said this "So you finally admit that people themselves do things and are not controlled by an outside force;"

    I wish I could admit to something when it comes to God, but there is nothing to admit, other than what God has shown me personally in my life. God has not left undisputed proof of God and how God works on earth for man to see, for very good reason, "if we could se heaven we would all want to go, leaving God nothing to judge our soul". If the bible was 100 percent proof of God, life on earth would be meaningless, we would all be good so we can get to heaven.

    No I can not look you in the eye and say I have physical proof of God, but I can look you in the eye and say I have 100 percent personal proof of God. For sure I am luckier than most to have personal proof, still my proof is not physical proof for anyone but me, for the good reason.

    As far as you going to the hell you don't believe in for being an atheist, I am not buying what religion says about atheist, I believe what my life has taught me, and you won't be going to hell unless you are a bad soul, you not believing in God doesn't make you a bad soul by no means, not in God's eyes anyhow, as far as what man-made/money-hungry religions say about atheist, doesn't matter one bit.

    Merry Christmas Dutch, I would hang out and chat more but I got some killing to do with my bow maybe and it is below zero right now, time for me to start bundling up. I am hoping to unwrap huge buck this morning for Christmas, but all will be good if I don't get a present this year, just being in mother natures womb is good enough for me for Christmas. I like being in the woods on Christmas morning, my dad died 22 years ago today, the woods is as close to heaven as I can get on earth and my dad will be there with me for Christmas. Hey, if you really want some physical proof of God for yourself, just open your eyes and look for it and you will see, the womb is a good place to see for sure.
    Anyway, as I said many times, you are free to belief whatever you want to believe; everyone is on its own and can do and think whatever.

    The point is quite simple, at least that is what I think; you need proof as a human before you start believing in anything, either in politics, religion, science etc. However related to religion the proof that "baby's" born on earth (did not fall out of the sky!) are "god's is of course ridiculous. Considering whatever runs the universe, it will itself certainly not lower to a minuscule human "sperm" and then thereafter fill its diapers and say "tata". Then does 25 years nothing at all (did not become a carpenter?) then loafed around with 12 men, Wow. Probably could not write because no writing of "it" was ever found; only 30 years or more after his death, some of the "men" started writing the "novel" and made the catholic church rich and murderous. So it boils down to, what is real and what is fiction. You tell me !!!
    I like your words "you need proof as a human to start believing in anything, either in politics, religion, science etc."
    I think your words are right, but when it comes to politics and religion, I see two very opposites happening, when it comes to proof. For me there is plenty of proof to prove our government has been corrupted and taken over by the money system. The proof is plain as day to me, yet with all the proof out there, we as a majority have done nothing to change it. When it comes to God and what religion claims, there is no concrete proof. Yet look how many people believe their church and not the facts about American politics, this I find odd for sure. I think the reason for this, people will turn their eyes from proof that upsets their beliefs and will believe no real proof if it agrees with their beliefs. It is way easy for people to believe our government is good and God is real, this is why false religions go unchecked, like the murderous Catholics and the system runs this country instead of the majority. I see you see through the Catholics and I know you can see through the system, my question, how to get the majority to this plain as day proof.