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Texas U.S. Senate Republican Primary

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    Kay Bailey is retiring and a Texas senate spot is up for grabs and there is a primary race for Republicans. This race is between Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst. Dewhurst is a successful business man and I would imagine that the GOP would like to stick with the image that a success in business translates to a good leader. Supporters of Cruz believe he better represents the conservative platform. Either way, this primary should decide who gets the Senate seat since this Texas and they will just vote [R].
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    Either way, this primary should decide who gets the Senate seat since this Texas and they will just vote [R]. [/quote] !

    And just how is that a problem if the new Senator Votes Republican. I think either candidate is a good hand for staying the course of Texas for Liberty and Freedomm

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    It hasn't taken Ted Cruz long to make his mark in the Senate.

    He's been in office roughly 6 weeks, and the long standing Republicans in the Senate are already tired of him. Even John McCain, who's not exactly shy and retiring, recently told Cruz to "cool it" during the recent Senate debate about the appointment of Chuck Hagel:

    Since Cruz was endorsed by the Tea Party Movement and the Republican Liberty Caucus, we all knew that he was going to make trouble if he got into office. The fact that he was also endorsed by fellow "wing nut" Rand Paul also should have been a red flag:

    Ted's "bio" is listed below:

    Even Karl Rove has veered away from the right wing extremists in the Republican Party, so it's clear that Cruz isn't going to help the Republican Party change from being "the stupid party".

    The best possible way for the Senate (and the country) to return to a sense of normalcy is to forcibly remove Ted Cruz from office, preferably by some type of scandal. I Googled "Ted Cruz and underage sex scandal", but didn't find any hits. However, Ted Cruz and "scandal" turned up the link posted below, which cast doubts on his integrity as a private attorney:

    Since Cruz has now been appointed vice chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (fellow Texan John Comyn is the chairman) he could actually do a lot of damage if he's not removed from office before his term attends.

    After the most recent Senate confirmation hearing, Cruz has already been compared to the late Joe Mccarthy:

    The man pictured below was censured by the Senate on December 2, 1954. How long do you think it will take the Senate to get rid of
    Ted Cruz? If you live in Texas, are you aware of any "dirty laundry" this guy has that hasn't come to light yet?
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    RonCO =

    Republican who went to the wrong web site. There's this thing called Google that will lead you to a republican message board. Try it.
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    Arizona -- In reading the various articles about Ted Cruz, it's a wonder that this guy has any friends. In your linked NYT article I found these adjectives and phrases that describe him aptly. They kind of read like the disclaimers at the end of a prescription drug ad.

    an ornery, swaggering piece of work.

    known for naysaying, nit-picking and his itch to upbraid lawmakers who are vastly senior to him, who have sacrificed more than he has and who deserve a measure of respect, or at least an iota of courtesy

    Courtesy isn’t Cruz’s métier. Grandstanding and browbeating are.

    made nefarious and hectoring insinuations about Hagel’s possible corruption by foreign influences

    the intransigent social conservatism, the whiff of meanness and the showy eruptions.

    “rigid” and “polarizing”

    an “all-or-nothing” approach

    arrogant, sour and self-serving

    an affinity for opposing, a yen for obstructing.

    a prime illustration of what plagues the Republican Party and holds it back.

    With his votes and his vitriol, Cruz...brings himself plenty of attention.

    He’ll bring Republicans nothing but grief.

    Yes, I agree...all those words and phrases describe Ted Cruz in the short time I have got to see him perform.