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Conservativism vs Libertarianism

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    The Heritage Foundation (a political conservative think tank) wrote an article covering a debate with the question, "Which is the preferable philosophy, conservatism or libertarianism?" 

    Now, of course this is a liberally minded site.  And, on first glance I find this question an easy one.  (My answer being libertarian, as that is my political branding of choice these days, for the most part I guess).  But, then I got to thinking, with conservatism (Republican ideals these days at least) leaning ever more toward more historically liberal notions on many subjects, I thought it would be interesting to enter this question into our debate.

    So, what do you think, which is the preferable philosophy of the two options: conservatism or libertarianism?  Honestly, in some ways, I could see that argument (from a liberally minded person) going both ways with valid talking points. 
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       Unfortunately, I think you have phrased this 'incorrectly'. Liberalism, is VERY different from Libertarianism. For instance; Ron Paul is a 'Libertarian', he quorums with the Republicans. If you follow Libertarian thought, you believe in "Conservative" economy, "Closed Border" philosophy, and extreme Trade Policies. Whereas, Liberalism is "Inclusive" in economy, and Public Policies
       There is a newer book on the Market called' " The Conservative Brain", and (of course) I can't remember the Author, but it should still be on the New York Times, 'Bestsellers' List. It basically mirrors a study done by Berkley ( of course) Institute, in the 1970's, that suggests, People who call themselves "Conservatives", live in what could be called  Societal Sczitophrenic fantasies. This can explain Voting against their own 'Self-interests'.
       The Conservative Brain says that conservatives have a "Cave-Man" brain, where they see "Others" as  a danger, and need the reassurance of other people, that they are doing the "Right" thing. When you see real the History of their Economic Policies, you can tell that they are NOT "Conservative", at all, but that they willing to spend freely, when in Power.
       Thus, "Conservatism", is a "Sham", a Fallacy. And their Social Policies are EQUALLY "Bullshit"; JUST SAY NO!...1000 POINTS OF LIGHT...TRICKLE-DOWN ECONOMICS...SCHOOL VOUCHERS (cut public school funding)...WAR IN IRAQ...the list is as long as Conservative "Policy", SIMPLY don't work, in Real Life!
       No, there's NO alternate 'choice', if you feel you are an "Aware" Person, there's NO question, Liberalism  is inclusive on ALL 'levels'.
       Libertarianism seems to be a little like looking at Life through a Telescope; you can "Magnify" whatever you point it at, but you lose the "Larger" view.