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APOLOGY to Al Gore (global warming) HE WAS RIGHT !! (video)

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    We Owe AN APOLOGY to Al Gore --- on Global Warming -- HE WAS RIGHT !!

    ***NEW video:  "I Need to Wake Up" - sung by Melissa Etheridge

    From Al Gore's Book "An Inconvenient Truth" -- (on global warming)

    NOTICE ANY HEAT (100 degrees) lately?  Any droughts? Any wildfires? Any storms?
    Any crop failures due to drought?  Any brown-outs at power plants? Higher food prices?

    ALL THIS (and more) were PREDICTED by Al Gore's book --- "An Inconvenient Truth".

    He TRIED with all his strength to WARN us, but the right wing kept on pushing all their LIES
    saying he was WRONG, (or making it up) despite numerous respected scientists that tried
    to say that he was CORRECT.  The scientific TRUTH was being STIFLED, so the right wing
    could go on, telling all their bulloney so the Energy industry wouldn't need to spend any money
    or be regulated as to their pollution.  ALL was kept silent to INCREASE corporate Profits.


    (My thanks to Veronica who showed me the importance of this issue. Wherever she is).
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    Droughts?Wildfires?storms, crop failures have been occuring since the recording of time....NEXT
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    Veronica, I mean eternal flame,

    The problem with Al Gore is that he's such a hypocrite.

    He gets paid big money for giving speeches telling everyone to cut their carbon emissions, to walk not drive, ride a bicycle, use as little petroleum as possible.

    At the same time, he flies around the world on private jets and is picked up by a fleet of limos.

    And he owns at least two huge energy consuming homes.

    See the hypocrisy?  Me too.

    He talks the talk, but won't walk the walk.

    Do as I say, not as I do.

    Politicians are like that.
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    Fenway:  This post of yours was just to be as offensive as possible, while refusing to ADMIT what the rest of the world is now saying daily, that this is the worst drought in over 70 years, and the entire globe is beset with weather unprecedented, with icecaps melting at the North Pole, tornadoes occurring in Poland which never had such storms before, and it was not even considered meteorologically possible. The major tornadoes & hurricanes are getting worse all over the world, and Japan has an earthquake about 7 times per month. We don't even pay attention to wildfires anymore, although they are destroying millions of miles of timber and forests. This in turn will make it hard to get enough oxygen to sustain life on planet Earth. How long can you go without oxygen?  About 3 minutes.  After we have allowed the trees to disappear, which create our oxygen, plus use up the extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere ---- there will be a mass extinction of human life. (also most animal life). And the day that occurs, the rich millionaires who have paid to silence the scientists telling about the dangers of pollution & global warming, those millionaires will be begging to pay $10 million for a bottle of oxygen, and they won't be able to get it, while all human life is dying around them.  Their families, friends, campaign donors, corporate CEO's, and congressmen on "payola" will also be dying and may be WISHING they had a second chance to take care of the problem --- help reduce carbon dioxide, etc --- no matter what the cost. LIFE IS PRECIOUS, and even the filthy rich can die if the trees are not taken care of, which produce most of the life-giving oxygen to this planet. While ignorant fools like Rush Limbaugh heckle and jeer the scientists and the nature workers, and calls them "tree huggers" with a sneer to his voice, --- the rest of us normal intelligent people KNOW that Tree Huggers are the real heroes in this fight. There was a beautiful thing in the Garden of Eden, one of the first works of Creation, much loved by God ---- it was the TREE of LIFE.

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    Easy there veronica, I mean eternal flame,

    I am not "refusing to ADMIT" anything.

    Did I deny "global warming" or "climate change" or whatever they are calling it this week?  Absolutely not.

    I merely point out that by being such a hypocrite, Al Gores message was lost on many people.

    He does EXACTLY what he tells the rest of us not to do:  carbon emissions.  And he's responsible for LOTS of carbon emissions.

    Al Gore, by himself, is responsible for more carbon emissions than a rather large village, yet he gets paid big money for speeches, all over the world, in which he tells us to walk, and ride bikes, yet he flies around on private jets.  Since he "invented the internet" one would think he could spread his message by teleconferencing. 

    What Al Gore does NOT do is act like he tells the rest of us to act.  "Do as I say, not as I do" seems to be his message.

    And THAT is an "inconvenient truth".

    BTW:  I just LOVE trees.