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China and Russia's domination of UN policy.

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    I am deeply concerned that in light of the slaughter in Syria and other world events, that the U.S. is in a position of being hog tied in terms of getting a U.N. consensus on how to deal with the rampant deaths in Syria as a result of that countries dictator.  A couple of days ago Russia in concert with China Veto's further U.N. Sanctions .

    I believe that the empirical evidence of the actual event that is happening in Syria strongly speaks to the issue of very inhumane, and horrible  slaughter of private citizens.
    It is my hope that the U.S. breaks off relations with Russia and China, and withdraws from the U.N.  The U.N. has never been an effective force for world peace.
    Putting up a direct barrier from the U.S. to these countries will probably result in other countries doing the same as the U.S. has far more influence and good will in the world of various cultures.  We should not be held hostage by these backward, corrupt, and vile countries that have no regard for human life.
    I remember listening to Vladimir Posnar on Short Wave back in the 70's.  He was the slammer for the Voice of Moscow and continuously throwing dung and the American way and critisizing the American way.  So guess what happened after the cold war.  This Communist Party Member who was held in high esteem by his country in allowing him to go on the air and puke his dogma suddently shows up as a resident of California.
    We are going to have to deal with these two countries now or later.
    I suggest now!

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    The United Nations has always been an idealistic endeavor to attempt to find a way to maintain PEACE, even in the stress of the moment, and during the flashpoint of anger. In ancient times, mankind had few options. It was often Battle or Die. (Or possibly battle or be conquered). But NOW we have the option to discuss our conflicts and problems in front of the World Court, for a fair discussion of all options for Peace. It is the idealistic "civilized" way to proceed. It shows the evolution of our thinking, and our modern ways to curb primitive  urges to "fight" all the time. That was a brutish mindless way to live. We are much more enlightened than that.

    Modern warfare since 1945, is Extinction Level Madness. Many industrial nations have a Nuclear Arsenal big enough to wipe out most human life on the planet. There is not a desirable
    solution to this escalation of Atomic Weapons. We all are vulnerable to some slight provocation. Ending ALL LIFE.

    Only through the efforts of the United Nations, and a few truly inspired leaders, have we managed to survive all this time without a major attack ending our whole civilization, as we know it. Many leaders remember Hiroshima & Nagasaki with Terror. This helps subdue the evil beast within.

    It would be an AWFUL MISTAKE to ever think we should deactivate the Emergency Safety Net, right at the moment when we might need it the most. There are probably more international crises right now, than ever before in history. Over half the Middle East is embroiled in riots or revolutions at the moment, and we are supposed to be taking sides in all of them, either helping them or overthrowing them. HOW?? While our own govt is nearly bankrupt?

    I still like to think of the United Nations as the modern "Round Table" --- the icon of Camelot -- where the Knights came to meet, putting away their swords at the gate, and all sitting as equals at the Round Table, where no man was at the head, but all in a circle, to discuss important matters of state. They had these ideals: "Might should be used for Right, and Justice for All" --- they were developing a court system to adjudicate Guilt, & the punishment for all crimes. It was the first primitive United Nations.

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    The U.N. is a JOKE...Syria and North Korea on the human-rights committee...ha too funny. We need to quit wasting our money and time ...pull out a funny movie instead.
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    eternal flame -- good points.  While many right wing nuts want us to pull out of the UN, they offer nothing to replace it with.  The UN is not a perfect organization, but it has done far more to promote peace in the world than many are willing to give them credit for.

    Cracam -- just once you should check your facts before throwing out unsubstantiated statements. I didn't see anything funny in what you wrote.

    Human Rights Committee Members.

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    The UN has proven to be a powerless organization. This time, it is because of Russia and China who don't want to risk their business dealings with Syria. I'm realy dissapointed in these two countries, choosing money over helping the international community condem the carnage that is currently happening in that country. Mr. Putin, and Mr. Jintao blood on their hands because of the choices they've made on this matter.
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    The U.N. actually does some good things in the form of humanitarian relief.

    As far as a security organization, correct that it's a joke.

    It is one of the most corrupt and wasteful organizations on earth.  No one can dispute that.