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Everyone's heard of Churchill, but not Turing

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    Alan Turing, a mathematical genius, born  in 1912, INVENTED the computer as a tool for solving a perplexing problem in cryptography,  breaking the “Enigma” code used my the Nazis in WWII to communicate with their U-boats in the Atlantic and for sending battlefield orders between Nazi combat units. The Nazis believed the Enigma code was unbreakable, and never guessed the Allies had cracked Enigma.

    To crack this unbelievably complex code, the mental skills of the English mathematical genius, Alan Turing was used. Turing knew he needed a hitherto, unimaginably complex “number cruncher", so he invented one to solve the problem. Turing invented the computer!

    Turing’s efforts likely saved England in WWII and save the lives of tens of thousands of Allied soldiers fighting the Nazis. Had it not been for one aspect of Turing’s  makeup, he would have been elevated as highly as Churchill, but the problem was that Alan Turing was gay (illegal then).