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United Auto Workers (UAW) owns General Motors

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    Cavuto reported on buyout of salried employes pension plan up to $800,000. Wish that amount was offered to most retirees. I am one of those  (35 years) affected. GM has done it again to the reitired salary retiree.  First we had all our benefits taken from us. Now GM wants to offer a token amount to get the liability of our pensions off their books. Cavuto reported this windfall Ha Ha as if it were some great thing for us retirees. In reality this buyout is no windfall for us. In fact we lose again by not being covered under the national program which is supposed to offer us some guarantee if pension funds go into default. Mr Cavuto needs to look at the offer in depth instead of making it sound as if this is a great thing for those who are now on a fixed income and now find our pensions in jeopardy. 
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    Hi there, why is it that he takes the pension? I think he doesn't have the right to get it because the employees are the one who worked hard for it. It's just like the issue of united auto workers, If you would like to get anywhere in the world, it pays to get involved in politics. That's what UAW President Bob King and previous president of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva urged United Auto Workers members to do Sunday during an assembly of 1,500 active and retired UAW participants for the UAW's National Community Action Program. Not only should UAW participants past and present become active in politics, King declared, but they should seek political office. It is really easy to buy car used.
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    Just one question.
    What is the Love Bug doing working for GM when it was made by VW?