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don't let these GOPpers fool you!

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    I read "The DPMA, a non-partisan association of doctors and patients, surveyed a random selection of 699 doctors nationwide. The survey found that the majority have thought about bailing out of their careers over the legislation, which was upheld last month by the Supreme Court"

    So I researched it, since that seems unbelievable to me. At the DPMA website, they said their founder is Kathryn Serkes. I then Googled her name.
    What I found was: "Kathryn Serkes is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Doctor Patient Medical Association (DPMA), a conservative group working to repeal health care reform[1] that calls itself "a nonpartisan association of doctors and patients dedicated to preserving free choice in medicine."[2] The DPMA has ties to the Tea Party Movement.[3]"

    Beware of GOPpers and investigate their claims