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duhh, taken sides

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    well, duhh for me, the general media news is really taken sides, only commenting on the cost the republicans have incurred reconsidering OBAMACARE.  perhaps the simpleton pelly should consider what OBAMACARE will cost.  duhh.
    one more person who will cease watching the unbiased media.  or should be unbiased media.
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    Is it biased to point out the outrageous cost of repealing the Affordable Care Act...33 times!!

    Is this the best use of their time?  The House answers to the people...the tax payers, and we have every right to question if this is the best use of the tax payers' money.

    What should the "unbiased media" do.  Dismiss it as "business as usual?"

    Only Fox News defends the vote as they have again and again and again...with glee.