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The Romney contradiction on the economy

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    Romney is currently in a very tough spot when it comes to addressing the successes and failures of our economy in general.  He is faced with trying to blame Obama, and Dems in general, on every economic failure.  While at the same time praising Republican governors for economic rebounds of success; mainly in the states of Iowa, Virginia and Ohio where unemployment is very low (in the 5%s) and the economy is seriously turning around for the better. 

    I realize this is typical of any campaign; the two sides try and tear the other side down, while touting there side.  Just seems that Romney will have an extra difficult time at this, seeing as how Governors like Terry E. Branstad of Iowa's state web site trumpets “200,000+ new jobs; a 15% reduction in the cost of government; a 25% increase in family incomes; and the best schools in the nation.”

    Tough to compete here, Mr. Romney.  Especially with health care passing the Supreme Court.  And, the fact that you were sort of the originator of the platform, in a way.  Tough.  Think he will be successful throughout the next few months in convincing us that GOP governors across the nation have been successful INSPITE of Obama??