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Kornaki suggests that the GOP is going after Holder because of race.

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    I must say that I disagree completely. Is there some radical part of the GOP who hates Obama and Holder because of racism? Yeah, probably, but that is not the driving force behind the GOP at all. Especially on the Holder situation. This is just standard politics. The opposing party has messed up, and the GOP is seeking answers and is going to try and drag the Dems through the mud as much as they can. It's the way politics works. Dems would act in the same manner.

    By suggesting that the GOP is motivated by race in this instance would imply that if Holder or Obama was white that this would not be a big deal, and that is absurd. Just look back at the Clinton years. The GOP should be able to criticize Obama without being accused of racism. If a specific person makes racists comments, then attack that guy, but racism is not the motivation here.

    I'm all for calling people out on their crap but make it legit or else it undermines all your other arguments.