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Scott Brown agrees to Brokaw debate with conditions.

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    Something that always irks me about politicians, is that when people agree to a debate but only under certain conditions. I feel like there should be a standard for a debate. Independent, non-biased moderator and the candidates show up and debate. The Massachusetts U.S. Senate incumbent had to make conditions before he agreed. MSNBC can't be involved and Ted Kennedy's widow can't take sides. Seems pretty petty.

    Tom Brokaw is moderating which should make for a very good debate atmosphere. I've always liked the way he handles things
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    Hmm, I wonder what Scott Brown is afraid of? He beat an extremely poor candidate the last time but me thinks that this time around he knows he has something to worry about. He'll be out classed, out debated and voted out as the good people of MA know what he is and who he represents and it sure isn't them!
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    I mean seriously, I feel like it looks bad when you are trying to control a debating setting.