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Repub. Party of TX is opposed to teaching children how to think critically with higher level thinking skills

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    You can choose to believe anything you want about JFK and his "morals".

    The world knows he was a notorious womanizer.

    And, the fact that I point out the truth has nothing to do with him being a Democrat. 

    It DOES have everything to do with him being a womanizer.

    I never said he was a bad president, just that he had no morals when it came to his marriage.

    It's laughable that you say it was all OK because there was an "agreement" with his wife.

    Wonder what Jackie would say about this so-called "agreement"?

    Wonder what his kids or grandkids would say?

    A man is either faithful or unfaithful. 

    We all know JFK was very much unfaithful.

    Thus, no "morals" in his marriage.
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    Fenway made several fake accounts on our website and was cross posting. This is something we will be able to detect much faster with our new moderation system. I'm aware that this is common on other political websites but we were new enough I hadn't look into it yet.

    We will also have a system to better handle when someone comes on and gradually starts to cross some lines. 
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    Wonder if the word that is out about TX being purple in 4 years will happen.  I hope so.

    When your political party has to "dumb down" to appeal to it's base you need to question your choice of political party.