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Chambers of Commerce GOP Bias

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    Next week’s U.S. House debate at Harborside Event Center could be lively enough just with the candidates, but the partisan lineup already has sparked some fireworks and a turnover in listed sponsors.

    Organized by the Chamber of Southwest Florida, the Greater Fort Myers Chamber, and the Building Industry Association, the Wednesday lunch event was billed as a primary debate featuring top Republican candidates.

    That did not please Democratic candidate Jim Roach, who points out that a majority of registered voters in Lee County are something other than Republican. He wanted to participate as well, and did not take kindly to being excluded.

    Southwest Chamber exec David Miller said if there had been a Democratic primary — Roach is the sole Democrat — they would have been included.
    We must pull together on this one. The Chamber of SW Florida and the Greater Fort Myers Chamber are ONLY allowing Republicans to speak to their members. It is not fair and the Chambers should not be playing politics for their members. The Chambers are providing thousands of dollars worth of access to their businsess members for the Republican Candidates and excluding the Democratic candidates.

    This problem with the Chambers of Commerce is nationwide. The Chambers are steadfastly supporting the GOP's candidates and positions. There are many, many Democratic and Gay Dem business owners. The Chambers need to be reminded that the organizations are intended to represent the entire business community.
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    The COC is anti-American worker so this should come as no surprise. You can add the American Manufacturers Association to that list too.