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the long reach of injustice

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    Assange has escaped to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to avoid being sent to Switzerland on trumped up charges so Switzerland can send Assange to the U.S. Government who has created trumped up espionage charges and then these fascists can treat Assange like they are treating Bradley Manning.
    The people of the world know that America is no longer ruled by laws and the lawless fascists have been allowed to take over the country because the U.S. Government passed those unconstitutional Nazi acts and any hope for truth and justice from the U.S. Government no longer exists.
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    Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

    Assange can blame no one but himself.

    Are all laws just?

    Maybe not, but they are still laws.

    He broke the law, allegedly.

    There are consequences.
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    I would like to know what laws this man broke. Did he break any laws? Or is it just that some people were embarrassed?
    Romney has also violated the law by claiming that his residence is in his sons basement, should he also be arrested?
    Or getting closer to the crime this man is supposed to have committed, how about Dick Cheney and his exposure of a Covert CIA Spy. That little trick probably cost many lives, and we may never know the complete damage he did with that. He should be in Jail!

    Charlie Lockett
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    "I would like to know what laws this man broke. Did he break any laws?"

    That would be up to the courts to decide.  I think there is a good chance he did.

    Were some people "embarrassed"?  Definitely.

    Did Assange illegally allow secrets to be released?  We shall see.

    Manning, as a member of the US military, certainly knew he was breaking the law.  It's difficult to feel sorry for Manning's incarceration.

    Both Assange and Manning put themselves in their current position with their own actions.

    "Dick Cheney"..."should be in Jail!"

    I'm not defending Cheney, and I realize how much you want him in jail, but, it probably will not happen.

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    It is my opinion that there are many more things going on that do need attention and should be prosecuted, that have done and are doing more damage to the people of the United States than a web site that embarrassed some people.
    We should all be outraged that the U.S.Army locked up a young man in solitary confinement for as long as they did without charges or without the advice of an attorney.
    I realize that in the past 10-12 years we have ignored and accepted the violation of our rights and we have allowed the Government to torture other humans, to eliminate our basic rights such as illegal wiretapping, illegal search and seizure, illegal incarceration, and the list goes on and on. Today we see more than 20 states taking away the right to vote for untold numbers of Americans, and little if anything is being done about it.
    To me that is much more important than this other BS.

    Charlie Lockett
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    "We should all be outraged"

    Yes, we should.  You seem to be outraged at the CONDITIONS of Mannings confinement.  And that is a completely debatable point. 

    I am outraged bt the fact that Manning gave the nations secrets to Assange. 

    "much more important than this other BS"

    Apparently progressiveconnie thought "this other BS" was important enough to post on this forum.

    Another member chose to join the conversation.

    It's up to YOU to choose whether or not it is "important" enough for YOU to post on her thread...or not.  It's YOUR choice.

    But, if it is, in your opinion, "BS", then maybe you should move on to the next thread.

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    Obviously if I had not wanted to comment on this post I would not have commented. And the treatment of Private Manning is something every American should be outraged about. If this man committed crimes then charge him and bring him to trial.
    There is no defense for putting a person in solitary confinement for over a year without charging him with a crime. That is a Basic Right in the United States of America. This is one of the rights this great nation has always been proud of, our Justice system and the fact that every person is presumed innocent until proven guilty and the every person is entitled to a fair trial and a Speedy trial. Everyone is entitled to an attorney.
    If Private Manning can be treated this way so can you. It seems to me that many Americans have Bled and died to insure that we have those rights and the preservation or rather the restoration of those rights should be on the mind of every American.

    Charlie Lockett
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    I pretty much agree with you on this one.

    He deserves humane treatment, even after what he did.  Allegedly.

    If he has done what he is accused of, then I hope he rots in jail for the rest of his life.

    Bear in mind, as a member of the US Armed Forces, he is subject to different laws than you or I.

    Don't take my word for it, ask anyone who has served.
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    I am a veteran and I do know about the UCMJ and military justice. They too are bound by rules and just because one is in the Military does not mean that he no longer is protected by the Constitution of the United States. There are certain unique things that are necessary to maintain discipline and the chain of command, but locking someone up in solitary confinement for over a year without charges is not legal even in the military. It may be fine in China of in Germany in the thirties and forties.
    Our nation has always taken the high road or at least we have not advocated this sort of thing until just a few years ago. FDR did it with the Japanese and Italians but we learned that we are better than that or at least we were better than that for fifty years. How many Japanese did we hang for Water boarding American and other Allied soldiers at the end of WWII? Now we have millions of Americans saying it's ok for us to do it. Does that mean that we are no longer the light of the world for justice and social progress?

    Charlie Lockett
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    Exactly, as a member of the military he may very well be getting ALL his rights...unless somebody knows the difference between the 2, you would have to think he's getting what he's entitled to. The prosecution team certainly wouldn't want a mis-trial..their crossing their T's and dotting their I's.
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    And who is going to stop it? The Supreme Court? The same Court that stopped the vote count in Florida? The same Court that has said that Corporations are People and that money is speech.
    He hasn't had any attorneys until just recently. He's been locked in a cage.

    Charlie Lockett
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    Given my professional (at max sec. prison), 15 yrs work w/ disabled and ex-offenders of all kinds and my personal experiences I would not assume Manning or anyone else in this country is getting what they are entitled too as granted by the eighth amendment and the constitution in general. In fact I know detainees off all sorts, the indicted and the convicted do not in fact have opportunities granted to them although often there is a pretense of offering those rights ie you may call your atty. but you have just been appointed a public defender and you do not know the phone number and your phon3e time is 15 minutes long at 9 pm at night and the phone system requires a live perswon accept the call and if that does not happen it is not possible to leave a msg.-next phone time 6 Am and on and on it goes. Meanwhile you may not prepare defense, pay bills, insure safety of home and family and you begin to lose everything and no one has a land line you remember so you never get info or convey info. oh, then, for fun let's say you're very very ill with a degenerative disease and need meds and diet and your disease is one of those that is poorly understood generally and medically and even when your dr. is writing letters you are denied meds and suffer in extreme ways and become sicker and sicker and for more fun let's add that yoy have never been incarcerated and don't know which papers to fle and where and as you become more ill finding all the ways to help yourself becomes even more difficult. sooo you languish, accused, taking weeks to speak with atty. for five minutes who cares little and the toll of your health and family is not repairable. And by the way, the detainee has no criminal history and the accuser is an abuser w/ restraining order and massive criminal history using the legal system to make stuff up. I don't know...this could happen. and it goes on for years and yea, you get to call your atty, and you get to go to medical office sometimes but your are not actually getting any service or making any headway at all. heck, maybe it even kills you in the end as the abuser promised would happen weeks before. just saying I do not believe any without money gets a real chance. They just make you plead out to whatever they decide.