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    Are you concerned about pollution, corruption or anything else?  Well there was an interesting lyric in a Rolling Stone song.  It said, "People cry out, Who killed the Kennedys.  When after all, it was you and me."  I have some unfortunate truths for you.  First, most if not all people are actually insane to some degree.  Another unfortunate thing is that lies sell better than the truth.  Also, when it comes right down to it, most people don't really care what happens.  As long as it happens to someone else.  Now from what I have seen, I know that most people prefer to be lied to.  And an even larger number wouldn't care to hear the truth about anything meaningful if it was offered to them.  So if you care about any problem, chances are you can't begin to fix them from where you're at.  But I have some information for you just on the slim chance that you would like to know some more real truth.  I have a diploma called, "Our Holy Hell: The Causes, The Solutions."  Though I'm not asking you to read it.  I just thought I would mention it.  Though if you care to, it can be found for free on a number of websites if you enter the name of this diploma into your web browser.  But chances are you won't.  So please stop pretending that you care about any problem and enjoy the ride.  For as long as it lasts.  Thank you.