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Contaminating US Crops with Dangerous Chemicals

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    Violating all EPA rules, chemical companies ruin our CROPS:

    Tell the EPA to say no to Dow Chemical's Agent Orange Corn and the widespread spraying of the toxic pesticide 2,4-D on our food.

    Next from Dow Chemicals: Genetically engineered crops are modified to be resistant to herbicide in "Agent Orange:"

    The herbicide, 2,4-D, is linked to cancer, reproductive problems, and Parkinson's and is banned entirely in parts of Canada and Europe. And yet the USDA seems ready to approve the new Genetically Modified Corn and Soybeans, unleashing a major increase in the use of 2,4-D.

    Now, the EPA is considering stepping in to stop or restrict the application of 2,4-D, which would be a major blow to Dow's Agent Orange veggies. Can you urge EPA to reject Dow's plans to spray this incredibly toxic herbicide?

    Tell the EPA: Say no to Agent Orange Corn and toxic pesticides on our food!

    If you care about food safety or the environment, you know about "Roundup", developed by Monsanto, and so toxic to plants that Monsanto had to engineer "Roundup Ready" crops that wouldn't be killed when farmers applied Roundup to their fields.

    From 1996, when "Roundup Ready" crops were introduced in the US, through 2008, there was a 383 million pound increase in the use of herbicides. Now, it turns out that weeds are becoming Roundup "resistant" requiring the use of even stronger pesticides (like 2,4-D) and then engineering of crops that can even withstand their use.

    That's where Dow's "2,4-D resistant" corn comes in.  Because the corn will be resistant to 2,4-D, farmers will be able to blast their fields with main ingredients in Agent Orange.  We expect increase in the use of 2,4-D to be enormous.

    Big Agriculture armed with 2,4-D is a scary scenario — 2,4-D has been shown to be contaminated with dioxins, is linked to numerous health problems, is highly likely to drift onto neighboring fields, is frequently found in groundwater, and is likely to already be negatively impacting several species of at-risk animals. But despite this, the USDA has not done any meaningful review of possible consequences to human life or the environment, or other farms that could result from approval "2,4-D resistant" genetic engineered corn.

    With the USDA seemingly ready to approve the 2,4-D resistant corn, the EPA's involvement is crucial. If the EPA stands strong, and rejects 2,4-D, they can effectively kill Dow's 2,4-D resistant corn and soy.

    KEEP in MIND: The GOP wants to eliminate the EPA, so there will be no regulations on the pesticide industry, to protect the people from toxic chemicals in our environment.

    To PROTEST: (or write your Congressman).