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Immigration in Quebec

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    There was a show by Fahree Zackari talking about the country that has immigration under control, meaning Canada. There is one thing he left out is the province of Quebec in which immigration has gone out of control. Two out of Three immigrants coming into the province of Quebec enter the social assistant program and stay on social assistance for years and years. The fact that Quebec has an additional child benefit has been exploided by the immigrant population. Many immigrants in this province live from their children, they have two, tree, four and more children because that is the way to make money in Quebec, while the working population is paying taxes for this immigrants to stay home receive benefits and have children.
    I belonge to the working population, paying 25% of my two weeks salary in taxes so they can stay home. From a 1500.00 dollar pay every two weeks I pay 500 dollars taxes. Is that right? Is that fair? Why do I have to pay for this people to stay home and the sad thing about all this is that the gouvernment does nothing about it.
    How long is this going to go on, maybe someone should put it out there and make people aware of this situation.
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    How do you know that immigrants are doing this ?Can you cites source ? Also 25% of 1500 is actually 400 . You are fortunate to have a job and be able to do the job , fortunate to have been educated to the extent you can earn that much.

    I don't believe the immigrants are why you must pay so much. I think the reasons are many. If they sent you a breakdown of where your taxes go you might get very angry but at a different thing. Here in America , our taxes g to support corporate welfare and the MIC. . Iknow that very little goes actual American citizen. I know that it's just not worth the trouble to try to work hard and get ahead. I know that the more I work the less well I feel. The more money I earn the more I must spend . I don't have a job. In my country jobs dont pay much. You have to have a skill or trade. But the trades don't pay iether because there is very little industry. The only people who are doing well in our country are the wealthy. The rest of us just hang on. We don't have an economy based on reality. We have an economy based on debt. The more debt we have the richer the banks get the billionaires horde their money offshore or the hide it somewhere. They don't do anything productive. They are parasites . They don't invest any money in America. They invest in stocks that are nothing but more debt. It's an illusion . It's going to be exposed very soon and when it does , we will learn our phoney economy has no real tangable value. Very soon the phoney value of the dollar will be exposed. Because they keep pumping billions into our economy every month , money that has no value at all. Right now our country is bankrupt.

    I don't blame immigrants for that. I also know that the Syrian immigrants are educated people. Syria has a tech industry . They don't have oil and other natural resourses for the wealthy to exploit the way many countries do. They don't have rich farmlands. They have to rely on their education's to earn a living. They are secular ,meaning they are all different religions there is no state sponsored religion.

    Here are America ,our nation is under the control of very bad people now. Our Congress is a politiboro beurocrat hell. They Re so gerrymandered in they cannot be voted out. Like Russia we can vote all day it does not matter.our national elections are now a joke. The primaries are rigged. The general electriction means nothing . We have selected voters who select the our president it does not even matter what we say . Very soon we are going to be the refugees.